Trump has Managed to Alienate Progressives and the Far Right

Ryan (2)

Before Donald Trump declared his presidency in June of 2015, progressives despised him. His rhetoric at conservative events such as CPAC proved that he was an angry and uninformed man who attacked everyone and everything from the left side of the aisle. When he began his ‘birther’ accusations against the most respected president in over 50 years, that was the last straw.

Trump will never be accepted as a legitimate president by Democrats and most Independents. Now he is alienating supporters from the extreme right.

Trump has a strong connection to ‘Breitbart.’ Trump’s primary campaign financier, Robert Mercer is the largest supporter of the vile and hate-filled publication. Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist was Breitbart’s executive director, and Trump appeared twice on his radio broadcast. Trump’s gift from the Electoral College in November was hailed as a victory for Breitbart and other extremist organizations. Today, they are not happy with Donnie boy.

On Wednesday, Charlie Spiering, a reporter for Brietbart, engaged in a heated exchange with Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer. The confrontation was related to another Trump lie. Congress agreed to a 1.1 trillion dollar budget. In the budget, money was allocated to repair existing border walls, and add border security. However there is no funding for ‘Trump’s wall.’

Spicer showed reporters pictures of existing walls; most of which could only be called ‘fences.’ Spiering and Spicer battled back and forth over semantics. In the end, Spiering declared; “it’s a fence.” And Spicer continued to lie and tell those present that there was money in the budget for Trump’s wall.

SPIERING: “You’re basically telling supporters — the president’s supporters — to be satisfied with this existing, tough-guy fencing until he’s ready to build the wall.”

SPICER: “No, what I am telling anybody is that the president said he was going to build a wall, and he is doing it. He’s using the best technology and what the Department of Homeland Security, under Secretary John Kelly, says is the most effective way to keep people out, to stop drugs, to stop cartels, to stop human trafficking and to prevent illegal immigration. That’s what I’m telling you.”

Spicey couldn’t find the truth with two hands and a flashlight. The Republican Party is a pyramid scheme; it is built on lie, after lie, after lie.

Trump is adding to his problems daily. His horrific healthcare bill, which barely passed the House, is facing an uphill challenge in the Senate. Polls are already showing that Republicans in the House are in danger of losing their seats in November of 2018 if they voted in favor of Trumpcare. This has become serious; all Republicans care about is winning elections.

The good news is very good news. If Democrats could regain control of the House, Trump would lose nearly all of his power. Even better news is that Trump’s ‘whipping boy,’ Paul Ryan,’ would no longer be the Speaker; there is an outside possibility that he could lose his seat.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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