America: the Land of Ignorance and Apathy


When Trump began to distribute his red baseball caps early in his campaign, I chuckled; at first. Then I read about his vile rhetoric and the meaning of his slogan became very clear. The meaning behind the words were as reprehensible as Trump’s own speech. They meant “make America white again.” Immediately after his illegitimate election he began making selections for his advisory staff and his cabinet; sadly my analogy was confirmed.

What I had learned is that the average American voter is ignorant, and chooses not to know the truth. They vote according to what they see and hear on television, much the same as Trump learns about world events and governing. FOX Noise is responsible for the ‘dumbing down of America.’

Created in 1996, FOX immediately became a propaganda machine for the right wing. Their goal was to offer fake news to their viewers and brainwash them into believing that all Republicans were good and all Democrats were bad.

FOX followed the lead of the biggest liar ever to enter the entertainment industry. Rush Limbaugh’s hateful and divisive radio broadcast began in 1988, and led the way for other fallacious and hateful men and women such as Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, and others whose distorted views helped pave the way for Trump’s destructive and illegitimate presidency.

The result is the most uninformed nation in the world. The truth has been thrown aside. A nation that once prided itself on understanding, tolerance, and compassion, was transformed into a nation of apathetic and prejudiced men and women who hate the America of our founding fathers.

Much earlier in my life I proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance every day before school. At sporting events I stood tall with my hand or hat over my heart as I loudly sang the Star Spangled Banner. They mean little today.

Very early in my adult life I was excited when the Voting Rights act of 1965 was signed by President Johnson; I was nineteen.

In 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress and sent to the states for ratification. I believe that I was born a feminist. Then I was saddened in 1982 when the ERA failed. Three more states were needed for it to become a Constitutional Amendment.

Religion was never an issue. I was raised to believe that all religions were to be respected and I was proud that the rights of all Americans to practice the religion of their choice was protected by the first amendment.

As states began to pass laws which would recognize same-sex marriage, it was obvious that eventually the Supreme Court would become involved. Finally in 2015 the Court upheld the right to marry for any two individuals who sought a permanent partnership and their rights guaranteed under the law. I was thrilled for my gay and lesbian friends.

The administration in the White House, along with the Republican controlled House and Senate, will attempt to repeal these social advances which allowed our nation to join the rest of the developed world.

America has changed; but it has moved backwards instead of forwards. Under Trump and his circle of sinners states are passing laws making it difficult for African Americans and other minorities to cast their ballots. A white supremacist now lives in the White House and multiple white nationalist groups have come out of the shadows to support their leader.

Christian organizations have been allowed to influence legislation in direct violation of the Constitution. Hate crimes against Muslims, Hindus, and Jews are on the rise.

The LGBTQ community is frightened that what took them so many decades to accomplish will be struck down by the use of a pen. They will be ostracized by or government, although the majority of Americans support their Constitutional rights.

Under Republican rule, women will once again be relegated to the position of third class citizens. Men will regain all authority over what women are allowed to do for their own physical well-being. They will continue to earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to men.

In my 70 years as an American, my emotions have run a gauntlet. As a younger man I had hope; at times I felt both joy and pride. The accomplishments which were made for the majority of the American people were proof that America was a proud and good country on the verge of becoming the great nation about which our founding fathers dreamed.

Today I am sad and feel despair. I want my America back.

Only by voting all Republicans out of office can America move forward once again. It’s up to you and me; our government is dysfunctional and will soon receive its last rites.


By James Turnage

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