Why the Right Wing is Attacking the First Amendment

First Amendment

If you do not read me regularly, let me tell you about myself. Of all the causes I support, the most important is first amendment rights. Our founding fathers considered the first amendment to the Bill of Rights the cornerstone of American principle and virtue. Because the right wing continues to either violate the first amendment, or to “work around it,” I will be the light for the American people. I hope you agree with me and re-post this until it reaches all 320 million of our nation’s people.

Why do Republicans and their illegitimate leader hate the rights given to all Americans in the first amendment? The answer is simple; the GOP cannot exist if the truth is given to all Americans.

There was a time when things were different. When I was maturing in my beloved country, real newsmen offered Americans the truth without professing opinions or entertaining “guests” who would defend their position. The idea was simple, and the true purpose of the ‘fourth estate;’ give the people facts, and let them decide for themselves.

The ‘fourth estate’ is virtually non-existent today. Television news has devolved into entertainment. Gone are Cronkite, Murrow, Huntley, Brinkley, and others who worked hard for little money to inform our nation’s people about the events of the day.

Today’s personalities make millions of dollars a year to ‘soft pedal’ questions to government officials and others. The goal is increased ratings, which increases advertising; the truth is the lowest priority in their broadcast.

The few legitimate newspersons who exist today are constantly threatened with imprisonment for telling the truth.

If the fourth estate existed today, we would not need Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning. Government has controlled the “news” for the last 40 years. If networks broadcast information intended to be concealed from the American public their information sources simply disappear.

These are facts; please do not scoff. Republicans do not want you to know the facts, and by hiding them, they offer “alternative facts” to brainwash their supporters.

We now have an illegitimate president who has never offered the truth to himself, his supporters, or to the majority of the American people. This is not my America. This is not why as a young student I felt a swell of pride as I recited the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ The words of that pledge have little if any meaning today.

Tell your family and friends the truth; they deserve to know who they are actually voting for.


by James Turnage

Photo courtesty of elPadawan

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