Roger Stone Doesn’t Get It: Steve Bannon is Untouchable


We all know how Trump and his circle of sinners have made the White House even whiter in just over three months. The American people must ignore the “experts” who continually analyze the White House staff regarding who is really in charge. Three people, under the guidance of Vladimir Putin, are making the horrible decisions which have made Trump the worst president in American history.

Billionaire Robert Mercer, chief strategist Steve Bannon, and your illegitimate president, Donald Trump, are the men destroying our nation. This triumvirate of tragedy has known each other well, long before the last months of Trump’s campaign. Their connection is the the extreme right wing online publication, Breitbart, and its radio broadcast.

Mercer is Breitbart’s primary supporter. Bannon was the executive director of the rag which promotes white supremacy, Islamophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. Trump appeared twice on Bannon’s radio show. Bannon left Breitbart when Mercer decided to finance Ted Cruz’ campaign. After Cruz was crushed in the primaries, the two men moved into Trump’s camp.

Roger Stone was chief counsel to Trump early in his campaign. He is also a person of interest in the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign.

When Stone was removed from Trump’s team, he led the fight to have campaign manager Corey Lewandowski removed, and longtime friend Paul Manafort placed in his position. Manafort worked for deposed President of Ukraine, and has deep Russian ties.

Stone remains an unofficial adviser; he is now attempting to have Bannon removed from the White House. Good luck, Rog; white nationalists stick together.

In two damning tweets, Stone revealed his opinions about Bannon.

@StevenKBannon Resign Now! You refuse to confront @jaredkushner – u are part of the problem not part of the solution.”

@BreitbartNews perhaps if poorly dressed @StevenKBannon got off his dead, disorganized incompetent ass.”

Okay; he has a few legitimate points, but fails to understand the fact the Bannon will always be associated with Trump in some manner. They have an agenda; make America white again; create a fascist state by eliminating the first amendment; and establish lucrative business connections to increase their personal wealth.

The most important criticism of Bannon, but also Trump, is the institution of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump into the White House staff. They have knowledge of absolutely nothing, and they were not elected by Trump’s ignorant supporters.

Once again; good luck, Rog. But it aint gonna happen.


by James Turnage


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