Republicans Celebrated After Taking Away Your Healthcare

New Republican Logo

After barely passing a devastating bill called ‘Trumpcare’ yesterday, Republican hypocrites celebrated. They were thinking: “thousands of minorities will die every year, and those who don’t die will be too sick to go to the polls. America’s becoming white again.”

Every health organization which has reviewed Trumpcare believes that it is nothing more than a repeal of Obamacare, and will remove protection from more than 24 million Americans who now have healthcare, and most of the 131 million Americans who have preexisting conditions such as diabetes.

They may have been celebrating far too soon. The Senate is in no hurry to take away Obamacare from millions of Americans, and plan to write their own bill making Trump and Lyin Ryan’s hasty bill inconsequential.

If you ever needed incontrovertible proof the Republicans have no interest in serving the majority of the American people; you now have it. And, if you gave Trump a chance to prove that he could be a decent president, you have your answer; he is the biggest mistake ever made by the American people.

Trump is hoping that the protests will diminish. With actions such as yesterday’s debacle, he and other Republicans will continue to hide from their constituents.

We need the Republican Party, but that is not what we have in Washington today. They must go and make room for Republicans such as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. These men had principles and worked for the American voter.

What we have today is ambitious men and women who work for lobbyists such as the NRA and the Christian religious right. They do not represent the working class, so why should you reward them with lives of privilege and luxury?

This is your country; do not let Trump and his hypocritical party rule you. If they displease you, throw them out.

What do you think about beginning with Lyin Paul Ryan? Get rid of the leaders, and these pretend politicians will all fall down.


by James Turnage


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