When you are the most extreme president in American history, and pathological liar and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones criticizes your decisions, you have a serious problem. Have all Americans joined together in their criticism of Donald Trump? Maybe; maybe not.

Jones is Trump’s favorite radio personality. White House sources state that he listens to ‘InfoWars’ daily. Jones is also a fan of Trump, but he’s upset with some of his decisions.

His focus is on the addition of son-in-law Jared Kushner, and daughter Ivanka to his White House staff. He calls them “Democrat globalists.” (Jones should read my article discussing Trump’s mental health, and he would understand why Ivanka is taking up space in the West Wing.)

“She’s over there in Germany with Merkel who opened the borders up for all the Islamisists [sic],” Jones continues in the video. “She says for women we should let refugees in. And that her dad’s wrong and she wants him to change his mind. What?”

I do not disagree with Jones, Kushner and Ivanka have no legitimate reason to become involved in decisions made in the Oval Office. They are spoiled, rich children who have zero ability to relate to the needs of real Americans who work for a living. Not a single person in Trump’s circle of sinners understands government or how to govern.

How will Trump respond to one of his ‘heroes?’ Will he use his small thumbs to send an angry tweet? Will he punish Jones by not listening to his vile radio broadcast for a day or two?

I find nothing positive about Trump’s illegitimate presidency. However, the most unfortunate thing I have ever done is to agree even once with Rush Limbaugh, and now Alex Jones. But he’s correct; Jared and Ivanaka have no place in a presidential administration. Of course his reasons are far different from my own; I guess that makes this somewhat acceptable.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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