Did Reince Priebus Facial Expression Define Donald Trump?


Regardless of what you read or see on the fake-television-news, Reince Priebus is the most ineffectual Republican ‘leader’ in modern history. He is not Trump’s chief of staff; he is a figurehead. Simply look at his pattern of behavior during the 2016 campaign season.

Beginning with the first “Republican fake-debate” held in August of 2015 by FOX Noise, a pattern became clear about the future of the primary season.

It was obvious from the first question that Priebus had conspired with then FOX President Roger Ailes, and moderator Megyn Kelly in an attempt to stop Trump’s rise in the polls. It not only failed miserably, Trump’s poll numbers rose the following day. The media attempted to defend Kelly, one of their own, but no one cared.

Priebus led the ‘never Trump’ effort in the Republican Party. Eventually he and other “leaders” put their hopes on ‘little’ Marco Rubio. Rubio proved himself to be lazy, and lacked the intelligence to battle with Trump. When he lost the primary in his own state, Florida, by 25 points, ‘the party was over.’

Republican’s last and most desperate attempt placed the hopes of the party in the incapable hands of Ted Cruz. When the ‘most hated Senator in Washington’ failed miserably, Priebus began to face reality and capitulated to Trump. He became his biggest supporter. Really; I can’t make this s**t up. This is today’s ‘in name only’ GOP.

To this day, I fail to fully understand why Priebus was selected as Trump’s chief of staff. He is a failure and a coward. Was it all a ruse to make the American people believe that Trump was making valid decisions, or was it a cover-up for Steve Bannon’s true purpose as ‘chief adviser?’

Regardless, it is now obvious that Trump has very little communication with Priebus. He is now under the control of Bannon, Jared Kushner, and daughter Ivanka.

Whenever Trump makes any decision, and reports it to the American people, men and women with above average IQ’s roll their eyes. Priebus was also witnessed rolling his eyes behind the scenes during one of Trump’s ridiculous statements.

The signature image of Mr. Trump’s first 100 days in office, people close to the president said, is that of Mr. Priebus standing just inside the open door of the Oval Office, agitated and rolling his eyes, as Mr. Trump beckons another seemingly random gaggle of aides, friends, family, visitors, reporters — even the White House decorator — in for an unstructured chat or, worst of all, policy discussions.”

Multiple individuals chosen by Trump for upper level positions have resigned or refused to take the positions. There is no cure for stupid, and craziness in infectious. No one with any self-respect would associate themselves with the immoral and ignorant Donald J. Trump.

Nobody knows what Trump will say or do next; including Donald Trump. He’s ‘winging it’ as the nation’s first illegitimate and illiterate president.

America is in more serious trouble than during the Bush administration. I never thought I’d say that, but I have been wrong many times as I have tried to predict what Trump might do in a normal situation.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey,

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