A Nation Gone Mad


I love to write; sometimes it’s more of a compulsion than a passion. Since March of 2015, my articles have been primarily focused on the 2016 election, and the aftermath. In June of 2015, after Donald Trump declared his candidacy, I barely left my computer. He gave everyone who follows politics closely far more material than they could possibly use in a single day.

Initially I found the ‘orange man’ entertaining. After the first debate in August of 2015, I shuddered as I watched the country I love begin to change.

America has plenty of problems. We are failing the majority of our nation’s people by supporting big business. Lobbyists have removed true deliberation and compromise in Washington and destroyed most of our nation’s democracy. We are a nation controlled by television which is filled with blatant lies, half-truths, and innuendo. Most Americans are brainwashed; they immediately believe what they see and hear without checking the facts.

The result is a nation which has become gun crazy; is supportive of religious extremism; is ruled by fear and hatred; is more concerned with material possessions than spirituality; fails to consider women as equals; has a government which is eager to go to war; fails to place its people in priority; and elected a white supremacist as its president.

Recently Denmark was voted the happiest nation in the world. This was based on multiple factors; none of which apply to the United States. America was rated at number 15; below Mexico.

The Danish people receive free education, free healthcare, are not expected to work long hours for little pay, and place their quality of life ahead of material possessions. In addition, for the most part they like their government. The American congress has an approval rating of around 10 percent, and our illegitimate president continues to drop; standing at 34 percent today.

America’s values are upside down, and we can only blame ourselves. Political parties have become more of a priority than selecting the most qualified man or woman to represent us. Issues which should never exist do so because the right wing has aligned itself with the Christian religious right; in direct violation of the first amendment. Guns and a lack of understanding regarding the second amendment are more important to millions of our people than the safety of the majority. Once again; thank you Republicans. Our government is willing to spend nearly 700 billion dollars to allow the Pentagon to waste one-half of their yearly budget without explanation. Republicans want to repeal our healthcare, defund Planned Parenthood, and destroy our Environmental Protection Agency. They even voted to support allowing the mentally ill and suspected terrorists the right to legally purchase guns of any type. In 2016 our nation experienced more mass shootings than days on the calendar.

The Trump fiasco has revealed even more madness. He rules our nation; he fails to serve the American people. He has already spent tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to maintain his lavish lifestyle. His circle of sinners will destroy all progress made in the last 60 years. Meanwhile the number of families living in poverty grows every day. Our wealthiest Americans pay little or no taxes and are the only citizens who actually live the American dream.

Republican Representatives and Senators are ignoring those who elected them, and bowing to their autocratic leader. The Supreme Court was not intended to be political, but is now biased and its decisions are all too frequently slanted towards one of our two political parties.

We are divided by ‘red and blue’ states and are no longer the United States of America.

With Trump living in the White House our nation has become more racist; more bigoted than at any other time in my 70 years. Hate crimes are increasing at an alarming rate as compassion and understanding have been crushed under the feet of politicians.

It is a fact that Trump’s red hats which had the slogan “Make America Great Again” had a different underlying meaning. They actually revealed that Trump would “make America white again.”

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By James Turnage

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