Yes Donnie Boy, “Pay for Play” is Illegal and You should Go to Prison


Okay, Donald Trump said and promised dozens of things to his supporters during the campaign, and he has proven that he will fail to act on any of them. He constantly criticized Hillary Clinton, desperately attempting to convince his audience that she was a criminal. He used the term ‘Pay for Play’ frequently claiming that she used her position as Secretary of State for personal gain.

On Thursday evening’s ‘Rachel Maddow Show,’ a fact ignored by every member of the media, and politicians concerns Trump’s dismal inauguration.

On January 20, of 2009, the largest crowd in history appeared in Washington to celebrate our nation’s first black president. Donors both large and small created a $55 million fund for President Obama’s inauguration. This was a record, and nearly all of the money was spent for the events; both day and night.

On January 20 of this year, a very small crowd huddled around the the west side of the White House where the platform was constructed. Although the crowd was minuscule compared to President Obama’s, more donations were received for Trump’s coronation. $107 million was received by the inaugural committee. We know that Trump’s sad little party was much, much smaller than Mr. Obama’s; so where is the rest of the money?

Let me use one example. The Venezuelan oil industry donated $666,000. Is it ‘pay to play’ when the Trump administration intervened for the President of Venezuela with the NSC and others to have sanctions lifted on the nation’s oil industry.

Want another? Trump called to congratulate the President of Turkey about his contested reelection. Erdogan is a dictator and an enemy of human rights. But Trump has a twin-tower hotel in Istanbul.

Want one more? Rodrigo Duterte has murdered thousands of his own people for drug use. He is a despot of the worst variety, but Trump invited him to the White House. Trump is opening a hotel in Manilla this summer.

Knowing that Trump believes that he is immune to and above the law may become his downfall. His crimes are growing in number each day as he continues to operate foreign business interests from the White House.

Fire the Fool;” the buffoon must go.


by James Turnage

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