Who Let Kellyanne Conway Open her Mouth Again?


Calling Kellyanne Conway a ‘dumb blonde’ would be an insult to blondes all over the world. She is a liar and an airhead; that’s fair. Only one network will allow her to spew her outlandish bulls**t today; FOX Noise. It is the right wing propaganda machine and they will let any nutjob on their fake-news network if they promise to criticize progressives.

Of course she defended Trump once again, and again it was another exaggeration of the facts.

Even when yesterday,” she continued, “I mean the lack of self awareness was stunning, the idea that she ignored Wisconsin meant that Wisconsin ended up ignoring her. And the idea that she yet again mentioned, ‘I won the popular vote.’ You know what the prize is for that? The participation trophy is second place.”

Of course Conway is ignoring the fact regarding Russian interference, and James Comey’s damaging revelation regarding a new investigation into Hillary’s e-mails. And she also refuses to face the fact that the majority of the American people did not choose Trump as their president. He is the most unpopular and illegitimate president in history.

Conway was Trump’s personal spin doctor until her lies were so transparent only FOX will allow her to open her mouth. The failing fake-new network is beginning to fall apart, just like Trump’s illegitimate presidency.


by James Turnage


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