Trump: “I Love Using other People’s Money”

Trump (4)

During his campaign, Trump bragged about his use of ‘other people’s money. Little did we know then that he was talking about your tax dollars. He has become more expensive than any other president in his first 100 days. Let’s begin with the fact that Melania refuses to live in the White House. Between the cost of secret service protection, and the number of extra New York City Police deployed around Trump Tower, this alone costs the American people and the people of New York City an estimated $600,000 per day. That’s a small amount compared to Trump’s other costs which enable him to continue his luxurious lifestyle.

Each unnecessary trip to Mar-a-Lago costs over three million dollars. Instead of entertaining foreign dignitaries at the White House, he charges the American taxpayer for meetings at his millionaires only resort.

Add in his golf trips, which are estimated to cost one-million dollars each. When his spawn travels, they require additional secret service agents, and the cost has not been revealed. Saturday he will hold another ‘campaign rally’ in Pennsylvania; and the American people will pay for it. By my estimate, Trump has spent approximately $30,000,000 of our money in less than 100 days in office.

In multiple ways we cannot afford Donald Trump as our president. He has accomplished nothing. He watches television, and plays golf. No president in history has refused to perform the job for which he was elected until now.

The only efforts he has made, and they were weak efforts, were to keep his campaign promises to his supporters. Trumpcare is such a poor plan that Paul Ryan refused to bring it to a vote on the floor of the House. At the last minute, Trump placed his ‘wall’ in the budget. It was quickly removed, fearing a government shutdown.

Trump is attempting to govern with the tactic of ‘bullying’ congress. He knows nothing about government. It takes time to pass effective legislation, and requires deliberation between both parties and often compromise. Trump lacks the ability to understand these facts, nor does he have the patience required of our nation’s government officials.

We have a buffoon who is pretending to be the president. Without the support of both houses of congress, he can do nothing. Let’s make sure that we remove as many Republicans from power as possible; vote in November of 2018. All 435 members of the House are up for reelection and 33 members of the Senate.

We can take our country back.


By James Turnage

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