The Trump Effect has Resulted in the Increase of White Supremacy


The only people in the world who deny Trump’s support of white supremacy are Republican politicians, Trump supporters, and the mainstream media. Thousands of men and women across the nation now have a leader and have come out of the shadows.

Possibly the most distressing fact is the increase of white supremacy on many of our nation’s college campuses.

At Texas A&M University last March, freshman Adrienne Rubenstein says she found hate hanging inside the school’s main library. She tweeted images of two white power posters.

“They were advocating for a country that was completely white, that no other race, no other ethnicity would be welcome here,” she said. “It’s very painful to realize there are people who think you don’t belong here.”

Trump promised to change America, and he is, but not for the better. The true meaning of the words on his silly red hats was “make America white again.”

“It seems clear that the extremists feel emboldened in this current political climate,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League.

“We’ve seen a change in the rhetoric and some of the worst impulses have moved from the margins to the mainstream,” he said.

I was in high school when the civil rights movement began. I was fortunate to have attended a racially and ethnically mixed school. I chose my friends based on character, not by color. I continue to believe that only ignorant people support bigotry and racism.

The first time I saw a picture from the White House which represented many of Trump’s advisers and his cabinet, I was very upset. The lack of diversity offered proof that Trump and his circle of sinners would not represent all Americans. We are the most diverse nation in the world, and we should be proud of that fact. Different cultures, different races, ethnicity and even different religions other than Christianity offer lessons and information unavailable to people of other nations.

Fortunately men do not live forever. Old, white men such as Trump, Bannon, Sessions, McConnell, and others will soon be ‘six feet under;’ and the sooner the better.

However, if this is a trend on some of our nation’s college campuses, this is frightening. Millennials will be in control of our government in about 20 years. I hope that our nation’s new leaders rebuke prejudice of all types.

I’m sure that I won’t live to see it, but maybe in the not too distant future, America could have a black Muslim woman who is a lesbian as its president. That would truly be American.


by James Turnage


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