No Spicey, a Fence is not a Wall

Spicer (2)

In a desperate effort to make Trump supporters believe that he kept his primary campaign promise, Sean Spicer made a poor attempt to claim that a ‘fence’ is a ‘wall.’

Congress just passed a 1.1 trillion dollar budget which does not contain funding for Trump’s unnecessary wall. It does allow repairs to existing structures and additional funding for increased border security in the form of electronics and personnel.

Charlie Spiering was representing Trump supporter, Breitbart, but even he refused to accept Spicey’s lie.

There are various types of walls that can be built under the legislation that was just passed,” Spicer responded.

That is a fence,” Spiering stated.

That is called a levee wall, that’s the actual name of it,” Spicer replied.

So that’s the wall Trump promised?” Spiering asked.

Spicer continued his attempts to mislead reporters; but a fence is not a wall, regardless of how one might attempt to spin the truth.

Trump’s wall remains a ridiculous idea that would cost tens of billions of dollars; require a minimum of 3.5 years to construct; and would be ineffective in stopping large drug shipments from entering our nation. Another dumb idea from the little brain of Donnie boy.

Spiering later tweeted the wording in the budget.

Page 739 of the House budget agreement refers to “border fencing” and “steel bollard designs,” not a wall.”

After weeks reading or watching Spicey’s fails, I have decided that he must have zero personal pride. To stand in front of reporters and attempt to convince them that Trumps constant lies are “alternative facts” would embarrass me beyond repair.

Better him than me.


by James Turnage


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