Another Hasty Mistake by Trump and his Republican Hypocrites

Ryan (2)

Trump and his circle of sinners are telling the American people that Trumpcare will be better than Obamacare; they think that we are stupid. It will prevent more than 24 million people from securing healthcare, and cost those who need it most thousands of dollars each year. Older Americans will be unable to afford their plan, and preexisting conditions will either not be covered, or will be too expensive for the average American. That could leave another 131 million Americans without healthcare.

Today hypocritical Republicans in the House plan to take the bill to the floor for a vote. Remember this in November of 2018. Republicans have no principles and no morals; they must leave Washington.

The GOP is rushing this bill to the floor without an evaluation by the CBO. Once again Trump’s rash actions will harm not help the American people.

No one has seen the entire proposal. For seven years House Republicans have sought to repeal Obamacare without offering a replacement; they still fail to have one which would offer sufficient coverage for all Americans. The biggest change is that the wealthy could now use taxpayer money for their own healthcare.

Republicans would not have a party without lies. They constantly mislead the American people. They do not represent 99 percent of Americans. The once Grand Old Party is now nothing more than a self-serving group of men and women whose ambitions precede the needs of the 320 million Americans.

If Trumpcare passes, Trump will be guilty of the murder and suffering of thousands of our nation’s people. Is this what America wants from a president?


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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