Trump’s Allies vs America’s Allies


Trump has expressed his admiration for several of the most deplorable leaders in the world. These men have murdered and imprisoned thousands of their own people, while denying human rights and freedom of speech. These men are Trump’s role models, and his likely allies.

Past presidents have linked themselves with leaders who serve their people and share the values and rights of the people of America. This is not Donald Trump’s belief.

Although Trump has attempted to deny the truth, he and Vladimir Putin established a relationship in 2005. Trump has been very open about his admiration for the way he strong-arms his people. He believes that it is acceptable for Putin to have ordered the murders of dozens of dissidents. Any man who has openly opposed Putin’s presidency has been attacked by Putin’s thugs; many have lost their lives.

One of the reasons Putin interfered with our election has its roots in his 2011 election. Thousands of Russians protested the results, offering evidence that the election was ‘rigged.’ Then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, offered her strong opinions about the validity of the results. Putin has never hidden his hatred for her since that event.

Trump has multiple business interests in Russia.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the president of Turkey. His legitimacy as that nation’s leader is in question. His most recent reelection is facing enormous scrutiny. Controversy has surrounded Erdogan for years.

In 2013 he ordered the destruction of Gezi Park in Taksim Square. For the citizens of Istanbul, this was the last straw. This was the last ‘spot of greenery’ in the city. The protests were actually the result of Erdogan’s new policies which would move the nation towards sharia law. Women were ordered not to wear western clothing; no display of public affection was allowed; and alcohol consumption was forbidden, among other new regulations.

Istanbul is a multi-cultural city. In varied numbers, nearly every religion in the world is represented. The people refused to allow Erdogan to change their nation and institute Islam as the only religion.

After Erdogan’s controversial reelection, Trump phoned him and congratulated him. He expressed support for Erdogan as a strong leader who defeated a coupe in 2015; a coupe which remains suspect, and allowed Erdogan to take measures to became more dictatorial. He imprisoned more people than there was room in the prisons; he built more structures to incarcerate thousands more.

By the way; did I mention the fact that Trump has a large twin-tower hotel in the heart of Istanbul?

Thousands of Philippine men and women have been slaughtered under orders of President Rodrigo Duterte. After his election, he declared a war on drug dealers and drug users. He has encouraged neighbors to kill neighbors if they use drugs.

Trump recently invited Duterte to the White House after a ‘friendly conversation.’

One more thing; a Trump hotel is scheduled to open this summer in Manilla.

Senator Lindsey Graham described Kim Jong-un as a “nutjob.” John McCain called him “ruthless and brutal.” The ruler of North Korea has placed tens of thousands of his own people in prison camps. He has also ordered the murder of dozens of dissidents, including his uncle and half-brother. He has threatened to launch nuclear weapons against South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Donald Trump stated that he would be “honored” to meet with Kim Jong-un ‘under the right conditions. He said that he ‘admires’ the man for becoming a ‘strong leader’ in his teenage years.

As far as I know, Trump does not have a hotel in North Korea. (Three out of four ain’t bad.)

These are Trump’s ‘allies.’ These are the individuals he ‘admires and respects.’

Both McCain and Graham have denounced his remarks about Kim Jong-un, and his invitation to Duterte. Speaking about Kim Jong-un, Senator Graham said the following.

“If the President meets with this guy, there needs to be a purpose for the meeting,” Graham said. “When you meet with somebody as president of the United States, that’s the ultimate legitimacy. You provide status to that person. So I would caution meeting with anybody like this unless you had a plan.”

The same comment could be made about Duterte.

Trump has openly stated that he would like to see our government become similar to the nations of these despots; our government is too difficult and ‘antiquated.’ Trump’s goal is to destroy all democracy, and institute fascism.

It’s time for him to go, and take Republican hypocrites with him.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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