Trump Is Planning to Disappoint His Supporters

Trump (4)

This article is directed at Trump’s misinformed supporters.

Your president said that America needs a “good shutdown.” He believes that running America is ‘too hard,’ and should become easier. If you don’t understand what he means, he would like to replace our ‘check and balance’ system, and force congress to do everything he says without question. Somehow a government shutdown would solve that problem.

Your president is not a student of history and prefers “alternative facts;” facts he pulls out of his behind. When the traitor Ted Cruz led a fight to shutdown the government in 2013, only the people who need government services the most, and lower level government employees were harmed. Congress and the president continued to receive their paychecks.

The people who most need these government programs are you, Trump supporters. Rural America, low-income Americans, older Americans, and disabled Americans would receive great harm from a government shutdown. There would be no ‘Meals on Wheels, Headstart program, or assistance for low-income families. Coal mining states would lose federal aid; states which overwhelmingly voted for your president.

I know you cheered when Trump promised you that he would ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare ‘on day one.’ He promised you that he would keep the ‘best parts,’ including coverage for preexisting conditions. He said it would be ‘cheaper, and much, much better.’ Have you looked at Trumpcare? Will you be one of the 26 million Americans who will lose their healthcare? Co-pays will be much higher, and if you are an older American, and many of you are, your premiums will be raised by as much as 500 percent.

There are 133 million Americans who have a preexisting condition; they will not have coverage in many states. If they are allowed healthcare insurance, the premiums will un-affordable for most.

I’m sorry for you, but only because what happens to you is also happening to voters who foresaw how horrific a Trump presidency would be; and it’s far more harmful than we believed.

This is just the beginning; it’s going to get worse for all of us.

Meanwhile, Trump has spent approximately 30 million dollars of your tax dollars to maintain his lifestyle. His presidency consists of golf trips, trips to Mar-a-Lago, holding “rallies,” and the cost of travel for his family including paying for additional secret service. Allowing Melania to stay in Trump Tower adds millions more to Trump’s desired lifestyle. None of this is necessary, and he is throwing away money which could be used for the American people.

Okay, you elected him; but will you keep him when you and your family’s lives turn to s**t? You can make up for your mistake. You can take America back. Vote all Republicans out of office in November of 2018. Without the control of Congress, Trump can no longer cause harm to the American people.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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