The Non-Violent End of America: Trump’s Agenda of Destruction and Extreme Change

Trump Illness

This article must involve the entire 70 years of Trump’s privileged life. To understand his lack of qualifications to be your illegitimate president, I must inform the American people of his father’s disgusting belief in white supremacy. Before Donald Trump was out of high school, he witnessed his father’s insistence that black men and women be denied residence in his many upscale apartments.

Trump is his father’s son. He is a bully, an egomaniac, and less intelligent than he believes himself to be.

How did Trump grow his business empire? The answer comes from those men with whom Trump made business deals. His tactic was singular; bully his adversary into submission.

How did Trump receive power over his opponents? Trump constantly bribed officials to receive preferential treatment. Most of these known bribes were in the form of campaign contributions. The most recent example is the Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi. A planned investigation of the bogus ‘Trump University’ was planned by her office. It suddenly came to a halt when she received an illegal contribution to her reelection effort from Donald Trump’s Foundation.

In February of 2016, Ted Cruz raised a concern previously voiced by many who have known Trump and his business practices from the inside.

“There have been multiple media reports about Donald’s business dealings with the mob, with the mafia,” Cruz said Feb. 28. “Maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported.”

Then there’s the story about Trump’s “modeling agency.” Young women from multiple nations were brought to the United States, including Melania, for Trump’s pleasure and profit. They were housed in what can only be labeled as ‘squalor.’ These young women were employed by various businesses to model clothing, or simply supply a pretty face for product promotion. This was another illegal operation by Trump. They arrived in the United States on ‘visitors visas.’ Trump failed to obtain ‘work visas’ for any of these young women. Clearly a violation of the immigration laws.

In 2005 Donald Trump made his first known visit to Russia. Contrary to your illegitimate president’s claims he established a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The “Golden Showers Dossier” has been established as fact by the foreign press. Not only did Trump engage in lurid sexual encounters with young prostitutes in Moscow in 2013, he also advised Russian oligarchs regarding their efforts to launder their fortunes through the purchase of American real estate.

Trump will never reveal his tax returns. In those returns is information which would force his immediate removal from office.

Trump’s association with the entertainment industry revealed many aspects of this dirty old man. On ‘the Apprentice,’ we witnessed a man who enjoyed his cruel nature and an ego larger than his hairpiece. Tapes from that “reality show,” and ‘Access Hollywood’ revealed a man without morals; a man who objectifies women. Sadly, his deplorable supporters accepted their “crotch grabbing” leader. I was saddened to see women with their daughters sitting at Trump’s rallies. They were teaching these young women that Trump’s belief regarding the treatment of the fairer sex was acceptable, and even admirable. We have also learned that Trump has a medical condition; he is mentally challenged and unable to perform the duties for which he was elected.

Here we are today. Trump has been forced to learn some unpleasant lessons. The President of the United States is undoubtedly the most scrutinized man in the world. We have now learned that Trump his less of a man than he would like us to believe. He is a white supremacist; he lacks any sense of morality; his intellect is not equal to the challenges he faces today; he is less qualified than we formerly believed; and he is a poorly educated man who knows nothing about the history of our nation.

Trump has also learned that governing is extremely difficult; and he would like to change the entire process and make America a fascist state. Trump failed to understand the smallest detail, that effective legislation has many components which take lengthy periods of time, including alterations to the basic premise of a law; bipartisan effort; multiple rewrites; and serious negotiations which result in legislation acceptable by all of the American people.

The majority of the American people will never accept Trump as their president; and they should not. No man should be allowed to live in the White House who is unworthy of the respect and trust of the majority of the American people.

We can remove all of his power in November of 2018; vote Republicans out of office. Bring back democracy to America.


by James Turnage


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