Send Me an Alert When Trump or One of his Hypocrite Friends Tells the Truth about Anything

Trump II

The only thing Trump has accomplished is to keep writers busy. He and his circle of sinners, which now includes the entire Republican Party, tells lies constantly, and to insure that the American people know the truth, we must continue debunking the thousands of lies emanating from the right wing every week.

Today the House passed the spending bill which gives Trump 1.1 billion dollars to use for his trips to Mar-a-Lago and to golf courses he owns. Trump told the media that funds were included to build his wall; wrong. There is money to repair damages to existing barricades, and for additional border security, including electronic devices and additional enforcement officers, but not for his wall.

Republican congressmen are now telling us that they have added eight billion dollars to Trumpcare over a five-year period. They claim that this will provide insurance for preexisting conditions. Wrong again.

The fact is that some states will require premiums far to expensive for them to afford. Realistic estimates range between 15 and 20 billion each year. 131 million Americans have preexisting conditions.

Trump and his circle of sinners are incapable of governing. For more than eight years the only thing they did was say ‘no.’ A fact check reveals that GOP politicians failed to accomplish a single positive result during President Obama’s two terms; (thank you Mitch McConnell). Why should we expect them to begin now? Like Trump, they are experiencing on-the-job training; and they’re failing.

One more major Republican falsehood. GOP politicians claim to be concerned about religion. The truth is that they are only concerned about Christians; one of their owners is the Christian religious right.

Trump will sign a bill with the misleading name of the ‘Religious Liberties Act.’ This will please Mike Pence, because it will reinforce the law he signed as the Governor of Indiana, and later rescinded. The first anti-gay law in the nation, and endorsed by Mike Pence, allowed homophobes to deny service to same-sex couples based on manufactured religious beliefs.

I am disgusted that the television “news services” are giving Trump, Pence, and his circle of sinners a free pass. They must tell the truth; this is an administration filled with white supremacists, Islamophobes, homophobes, anti-Semites, and misogynists.

It’s time for protests to end and the real revolution to begin. Call your Congressmen and Senators. Tell them that they will lose your vote if they support Trump’s immoral agenda. Go to their offices in your state and tell them how you feel face to face. When the time comes in November of 2018, vote against all Republicans. Promise yourself to join with other real Americans and do whatever presents itself to take your country back.

Trump is not only changing America, he is destroying the nation of our founding fathers, and violating the Constitution on a daily basis.

Finally, religion of any type has no place in government. I am one of more than 65 million Americans who denounce all religions, but would fight to the death to protect anyone who chooses to believe in one. We are growing in number every year as millennials reach voting age. It might also interest you to know that new converts to Christianity are on the decline. Old, prejudiced white men such as Pence and Trump will soon be in their graves and forgotten by all real Americans. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


by James Turnage


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