What Are Trump’s Accomplishments?

Donald the Fascist

Accomplishment: “Something done or finished successfully.”

It seems that I am constantly defining words for Trump; he is definitely lacking in his knowledge of the English language. He must have taken his courses with a ‘pass or fail’ grade.

In a television ad I heard this morning in my state of Nevada, he claims to have ‘kept his campaign promises,’ and accomplished more than any president in history. Really? Let’s get to the truth.

He brags about adding jobs. Every job added during his first 100 days is the result of planning which began years ago under President Obama’s Administration.

Trump also touts ‘record stock market numbers.’ Once again, those numbers began to rise under the auspices of President Obama. The average working man has no interest in the stock market; he or she is concerned about the cost of food, shelter, and clothing. When Trump bullies through his horrific tax plan, the market will rise again. However, when consumer spending declines, it will crash.

Trump did nominate a Supreme Court Justice. Neil Gorsuch was only confirmed after traitor Mitch McConnell pushed through a repeal of the filibuster, and removed additional democratic action from the senate.

Executive actions are not ‘accomplishments.’ However, when they are overturned by the courts, they are failures.

Today Donnie boy and his stooge, Paul Ryan, are attempting to push through ‘zombie Trumpcare;’ a healthcare bill much worse than the original Trumpcare disaster. Not only would it leave 24 million Americans without healthcare, it would omit coverage for pre-existing conditions, raise rates for individuals who are chronically ill and older Americans, and eliminate maternity benefits. Donnie boy, you failed the working class again.

Trump has not accomplished a single positive action for the American people. He is a bigger failure than I predicted. His wall is but a memory, and if zombie Trumpcare fails in the House today, it’s strike two. One more and he’s out.

If only that were true.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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