Violence and Ignorance Define Trump’s Supporters


When Hillary Clinton was criticized for stating the fact that part of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables,” Trump’s supporters and the television media pretended to be offended. Why should the truth offend any intelligent person? Post-election, we have witnessed these groups slithering out of the shadows. Hate groups such as the KKK, Alt-Right, and dozens of others have endorsed their new president. They have a leader.

During Trump’s vile rallies hatred and violence were encouraged. When a presidential candidate is accepted for inciting violence, America is non-existent. “Get him outta here; hit him in the face,” is not presidential.

Beginning on November 9th, 2016, hate crimes began to increase across the nation. Trump fails to denounce them, and apparently approves of such disreputable conduct. Vocal attacks, vandalism, fire bombing, bullying, and physical attacks are the new norm in America. White Americans of all ages are focusing their anger and hatred towards African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, and women. These vile acts occur in every venue of American life, including elementary schools where whites attack other children of color shouting Trump slogans.

Kyle Chapman, a member of alt-right, is organizing his members to form a ‘gang’ which will attack anti-Trump protesters. The ‘Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights,’ (FOAK), will have the sole purpose of supporting their leader in Washington, regardless of what his immoral actions might be.

Make no mistake about it; television “news” refuses to label Trump with the truth; he is a white supremacist. Simply look at pictures of his advisory staff; it is whiter than a snow storm in Minnesota in January. Witness his support of Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, and others.

Violence is not only acceptable to Donnie boy, he encourages it. He has invited Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, and said it would be an “honor” to meet with Kim Jong-un.

Duterte is the president of the Philippines. He has ordered the murders of thousands of his own people. He claims to have killed drug users himself, and suggests that neighbors should kill neighbors if they are using drugs.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the murder of all dissidents, and places entire families in prison camps. (Does this remind you of another person Trump admires?)

The media must apologize to Hillary for speaking the truth. Real Americans cannot accept a Trump presidency. He accomplished nothing during his first 100 days other than to attack democracy, and further divide our nation.

Legally, or forcefully, Trump must be removed from office before he completely destroys the America of our founding fathers. Dissent is patriotic.


by James Turnage


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