Trump Escalates his War on the Working Class


I have offered proof many times that Trump is not only poorly educated, and uninformed, he fails to know anything about history; primarily the history of our government.

Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” Trump wrote in a series of tweets Tuesday morning. Really?

Trump is frustrated with the politically controlled congress; they are refusing to bow to the fat man in the White House. He is upset about the agreement to fund the nation through next September. Like the spoiled child he is, he is pouting because funding his wall was eliminated from the proposal.

Trump obviously does not recall the disaster in 2013 when the government was shut down thanks to the efforts of traitor Ted Cruz. Thousands of government employees were out of work, and many services for low-income and impoverished Americans were placed on hold. In addition, the shutdown added millions of dollars to the national deficit.

Sadly, congress, the president, and all other high level employees continued to receive their paychecks.

Trump has no interest in supporting working men and women in America. He supports himself and other wealthy Americans. His war on the working class escalates with every passing week.

Donnie boy must read “The Presidency for Dummies.” He fails to understand anything about our political system. He is not a ‘king;’ his powers are limited. Congress, and the Supreme Court have their own clearly defined powers, and Trump must learn that it is called a ‘check and balance system.’

We can help him understand how a democratic republic is intended to work. In November of 2018, we can vote all Republicans out of office and give power to Democrats and Independents.

Let’s show Donnie boy who this country belongs to; it belongs to real Americans; the people, not the government.

Has anyone seen Trump’s birth certificate?


by James Turnage


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