The Real Reason why Rodrigo Duterte Was Invited to the White House


If you do not know who Rodrigo Duterte is, let me begin by saying that he is one of the new dictators in our world. He is responsible for landscaping the Philippines with pools of blood; blood of his own people.

When most Americans who are around my age think of the Philippines, they conjure up images of John Wayne fighting side by side with the courageous Philippine people to defeat the Japanese who invaded their country. This is not Duterte’s country.

The Philippines has a drug problem. Duterte’s tactic for curing the problem is to kill all drug users and sellers. He claims that he, himself, killed drug users when he was the mayor of Manilla. He encourages others to do the same. Thousands of his own citizens have been slaughtered in the streets.

So why has Trump invited this despicable man to the White House? Is it because, as Trump said, they had a ‘friendly conversation?’ Trump claims that it is because of the instability in the region, caused by the saber rattling of North Korea; is this the truth? The answer is definitively ‘no.’

Trump sought the presidency to promote his business empire; he never wanted the job involved with his title. He has done nothing which anyone could call ‘presidential.’ The only reason he wants to establish a relationship with Duterte is related to something which will happen later this summer; the opening of a ‘Trump Tower’ in Manilla. In America, it’s always “follow the money.” Profit before people has become the only goal of our dysfunctional government.

Trump supporters refuse to see the truth. Trump is a bigger failure than anyone could have predicted. He is the “destroyer” president.

We cannot allow the ignorance of the minority of the American people to dictate our nation’s future; Trump must go.

Become an activist; fight for your country; it cannot survive four years of Trump failures.


by James Turnage


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