America’s First Pretend President

Trump (3)

Donald Trump did not believe that he would win the election. That’s not a surprise, because more than one-half of the American people joined him in that assumption. The reasons why he won the Electoral College and lost the popular vote by a huge margin have been discussed and debated ad infinitum, but there is little truth in the published results. Outside forces were responsible for our ‘rigged election’ and those facts are undeniable.

This is not an article which could be construed as ‘sour grapes.’ This is a statement of the facts about how millions of Americans destroyed democracy and gave one party the opportunity to destroy the America of our founding fathers and move our nation into a plutocracy.

As for their immoral and despicable leader, in the last few days, Donald Trump has praised a racist former president and denied the relevance of one of our greatest and most courageous presidents in history. He has exposed himself as the most ignorant man ever to darken the steps of the White House. Trump has invited two of the world’s most evil leaders to meet with him; the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, and the dictator of Northern Korea, Kim Jong-un. He had the idiocy to call Kim Jong-un “honorable,” although he has murdered and imprisoned tens of thousands of his own people.

As Lewis Black would say: “What the hell is going on here?”

My complaint is with the Republican Party who has fallaciously claimed for more than 20 years that they represent the American people. If they can stand behind Trump and pretend that he is a legitimate president, they must be removed from their lives of privilege and power. They are proving that their party takes priority over our nation and our people. They have become the enemy.

Every action; every executive order by Trump has been in opposition to the future of the majority of the American people.

There is no more time. Trump must be removed by any means possible. He is making decisions without basis for fact, and without the advice of experienced professionals. He is pretending to be your president.

Even if you once supported him based on anger, or ignorance, you must now refuse to accept him as your nation’s leader. Trump is a buffoon; he knows nothing; lies exclusively; and has no interest in the lives of 320 million Americans.

Fire the fool; or remove him from office by mass protests which support the America of our founding fathers. There is no action unforgivable to the removal of Trump from the White House.


by James Turnage

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