FOX Noise: A “Den of Iniquity?”


The women who filed sexual harassment suits against male employees of FOX Noise described the environment as ‘overtly sexist.’ Any American who seeks the truth will not find that surprising. The ‘Republican propaganda machine’ became successful by making up stories, or greatly exaggerating them. Old men with money and power believe they ‘can do anything;’ just ask your illegitimate president. They also believe that they are above the law.

First it was President Roger Ailes. When more than 25 women at FOX, including its best known female personality, Megyn Kelly, charged Ailes with unwanted sexual advancement, management had no choice but to fire him.

Throughout his more than 20 years as a FOX personality, Bill O’Reilly was accused multiple times of sexual harassment. It had also been proven that he lied about his journalistic endeavors, and therefore his books. Management did nothing; they protected their highest rated fake journalist. Then came multiple charges about his attempted sexual escapades over a period of years. Once again, the consideration of FOX management was money; only this time O’Reilly would have cost them millions more than the agreed settlement. One of the men in America who is most guilty of dividing our nation is no longer on television’s ultimate fake-news network.

But, it’s not over.

Bill Shine is presently the co-president of FOX Noise; but that may be coming to an end. According to an editor at the New York Times, Shine will soon join Ailes and O’Reilly as members of the unemployed.

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of FOX and several other companies in the information industry has given his sons, James and Lachlan control of FOX, but they are not forthcoming with what appears to be another shake-up.

The only statement was issued by the senior Murdoch.

“Bill has played a huge role in building Fox News to its present position as the nation’s biggest and most important cable channel in the history of the industry,” Murdoch said. “His contribution to our channel and our country will resonate for many years.”

No one who expects to hear the truth from a news service would be disappointed with the disintegration of FOX. For more than 20 years they have been offering “alternative facts” to an audience eager to have their deplorable views supported.

One final note. Last week Sean Hannity was accused of sexual harassment by a former FOX contributor. She quickly reneged her story. Is this another attempted cover-up, or will another on-air personality be sent to the unemployment lines?


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Mario Perpini

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