Crimes Requiring the Impeachment of Trump and Many of his Circle of Sinners


I don’t care how Trump leaves office; I just believe that he must go to save our nation. A high level Ethics board may have found a way to remove the worst president in history from office; legally.

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has begun an investigation not only of Donald Trump, but of several of his appointees. His circle of sinners is dominated by millionaires and billionaires who are required to divest themselves of their business interests while holding public office.

Trump has given many of his circle of sinners a ‘two-year waiver’ in which to divest their interests, which in itself raises many questions. There is nothing in writing to offer the Ethics department proof of that ‘waiver.’

Issued by the agency’s director, Walter Shaub, it specifies that all agencies and appointees, “including White House officials,” must comply with the notice, which covers appointees in the administrations of Trump and former President Barack Obama.

It is well known both in his business transactions and now as your illegitimate president that Trump believes that he is above the law. Every visit to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers at least three million dollars and places cash in Trump’s pockets from revenue acquired by his millionaires only resort.

Given the administration’s cavalier attitude towards ethics rules, it’s not surprising that OGE is seeking an accounting of the waivers that have been given by the White House and the agencies,” said Larry Noble, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, which advocates for stricter rules on money in politics. He said it was significant that the letter included the White House in its request. “It is within OGE’s authority, and I assume the administration will fully comply.”

It has become very apparent that the Trump administration is not ‘big on paperwork.’ Recently asked to make documents regarding the vetting of Michael Flynn to the House of Representative’s investigation, they simply said that ‘they don’t have any records.’ Really? The man in charge of our nation’s national security was not investigated before he received his appointment? Another Trump failure.

Do you believe as I do that Trump should also be investigated for wasting taxpayer money? His unnecessary trips to Mar-a-Lago; Melania being allowed to remain in New York; his many golfing trips; his “rallies;” and the cost of secret service protection for his spawn for both business and pleasure have cost taxpayers nearly 30 million dollars in just 100 days. From insider reports, he must also have an enormous cable television bill!

Corruption is the only word Trump understands; its his way of life as a privileged, spoiled rich kid.


By James Turnage


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