Trump’s Tax Plan Remains a Gift to the One-Percent, and a Disaster for America

Trump and Spawn

During the campaign, the tax plan offered by Donald Trump was scrutinized by tax experts and their determination was as expected. The plan would be a gift to himself and to 584 other billionaires in America. It would add trillions of dollars to the national debt over the next ten years, and increase income inequality and poverty.

His latest “plan,” a single page; double spaced, and rushed out just two days before his 100th day in office, appears to be the same as offered in 2016.

The only Americans who are very clear winners, under the new system are the wealthiest,” said Edward D. Kleinbard, a law professor at the University of Southern California, and former chief of staff of Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, which estimates the revenue effects of tax proposals.

There is now a preponderance of evidence that Trump’s only purpose for his candidacy was an effort to enhance his own personal wealth. He hates his job, and is unfit to perform it. He continues not only to operate his foreign business interests; he is growing them. He is committing felonies every day.

Trump and his spawn, Ivanka, do not operate a single manufacturing business in America; they all exist overseas. In a single plant in China, which manufactures many of Ivanka’s clothes, workers are paid approximately $62 per month.

Trump has made his fortune through unscrupulous business practices, and deals with foreign entities. His “tax plan” would greatly benefit his profit margin both domestically and internationally. He still won’t pay any taxes.

Millions of uninformed Americans elected their first un-American president. He uses our nation’s laws for profit, and often violates them without repercussions.

All of Trump’s closest advisers and cabinet members are millionaires or billionaires. They will all experience an increase in their personal wealth, while the majority of Americans will find their struggle increasingly difficult.

A note to Trump’s supporters; you have been conned. Trump will fail to keep a single promise while making himself wealthier. Don’t expect a thank-you letter; it will most likely be only a “f**k you note.

Please inform your friends and family and re-post; thank you.


by James Turnage


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