Running for the Presidency Proves how Ignorant Trump Is


Trump just realized that the presidency is a job, and requires hard work; another thing with which he is unfamiliar. For the most part it is not stopping him from watching hours of cable television, playing golf most of the time and partying at his millionaires only resort.

Let’s be honest here. Trump was born wealthy and privileged; this is the only life he knows. He has never had to worry about anything the average American man and women must consider daily. He certainly knew nothing about governing at any level.

“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” he said. “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” This is what Trump revealed in an interview with Reuters.

Howard Stern predicted this statement on February 1st.

“I really was sincere, I said, ‘Why would you want to be the president of the United States? You’re not going to be beloved, it’s going to be a f*cking nightmare in your life,” Stern recalled telling Trump in audio first flagged by CNN’s KFile.

“He stepped into a situation that’s really not a win for him,” he added. “He’s a 70 year-old guy, he’s got a great life, gorgeous wife, great kids, he’s got helicopters, airplanes, all the accoutrements of the great life… so now to step into this f*cking mess, and for what? There are people who are better suited for this kind of thing.”

Howard, I can answer your question; his ego is bigger than his brain. I’m not sure that he expected to win, but he loved the adulation offered him by his supporters. There is no doubt that Trump is mentally challenged. His ego must be soothed frequently every day, and his weak temperament is a danger to the office he now holds. The rallies were great for him; the presidency; not so much.

Trump has placed himself into a position to be the most hated man in America. He has been exposed. His business failures have become better known than his successes. His propensity for sexual assault has been disclosed to the public. Now the world knows that he is a white nationalist. His inability to speak coherently must be embarrassing. Once admired by many, Trump is now just another dirty old man who is 60 to 80 pounds overweight.

Most importantly, because Trump fails to tell the truth about anything, no one will ever believe him again.

A final note to ‘Donnie boy;’ we will offer you your freedom; all you have to do is sign a letter of resignation. We won’t tell anybody.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Bill Norton

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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