America Began its Demise in the 1980’s


In the 1980’s Ronald Reagan changed America. His belief that the wealthy would reinvest their money in our nation became the core of his fiscal policy. This may have been the biggest mistake in American history. Prior to “trickle-down economics,” corporations rewarded their employees for the success of their companies; today corporations make profits of three, four, and five hundred percent, and put that money in offshore accounts. The primary reason why Reagan’s philosophy failed is aligned with the fact that capitalism always fails over time. Greed is the poison which results in the failure of an economic system which eventually creates income inequality, which in turn creates a nation separated by the wealthy and those who struggle to survive.

In most instances, our founding fathers were very wise. But none of them foresaw the economic imperfections of their creation.

Crony capitalism is essentially a condition in which… public officials are giving favours to people in the private sector in payment of political favours.”Alan Greenspan

Capitalism is, fundamentally, an economic system that promotes inequality.”Annalee Newitz

This is where America is today. We have one of our political parties subservient to big business, and ignores the needs and desires of the majority. Our nation has been an oligarchy for years, and with a man who only serves capitalism as our illegitimate president, we are moving towards a plutocracy; a plutocracy cannot exist without fascist rule.

History offers multiple facts about the welfare of the majority. When Republicans are in power, the wealthy class experiences increased wealth and the working class suffers. Americans living in the poverty level grow in numbers, and the quality of life for the majority declines. Under Democratic rule, the wealthy are forced to participate in America’s future, and the working class experiences fiscal stability, and renewed hope for a better future for their descendants. Today the dream is in great danger. Profit before people has become the acceptable norm.

Republicans biggest concern is to destroy the good accomplished for the American people by Democrats; Obamacare. Their second goal is to give additional tax relief to the wealthiest of our nation’s people, which will greatly increase the deficit. They don’t care about you and me.

My point is very unsettling. The majority of the American people have zero representation in Washington. Even when the GOP is not in control of our government, they have moved so far to the right that they refuse to deliberate or compromise. Therefore, our Democratic Republic cannot exist. Only special interests, by the use of lobbyists, have the ears of our congressmen.

Trump promised to “clean up the swamp;” another lie. He has created his own cesspool, and the swamp remains full. The same failures in the Republican Party remain in their privileged jobs, and our nation cannot move forward. This concentration of power allows GOP politicians to consolidate power and focus on their owners.

Our nation will continue to decline on the list of ‘best countries in the world’ as long as Republicans remain in power. Voters are to blame. The majority of voters cast their ballots based on party affiliation, or what they see on television in paid advertisements. If this continues, the best candidates will continue to lose to degenerates such as Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Jason Chaffetz, Steve King, and others, whose only goal is self-advancement.

If you enjoy being subservient to the wealthy class, do nothing. But if you want your nation back, take action. Protest, call your senators and representatives, but most of all vote; and encourage others to do the same.

This is our nation; it does not belong to the Republican Party and Donald Trump unless we allow it.


by James Turnage

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