How Trump Conned You Into Voting for Him


Trump’s supporters loved his vile rhetoric during his rallies. He pandered to his crowd; the loudest cheers relating to his many promises received Trump’s greatest attention. Sadly for them, Trump did not mean a single thing he said. When he proposed anything, he had no understanding about how an effective government functions. He has lived a life of luxury and privilege for 70+ years, and could not be aware of the difficulty of accomplishing anything which would be positive, important, and lasting. He remains unaware of the fact that those type of accomplishments take time; they are not business arrangements.

Therefore, when he made a promise, he was merely telling his supporters what they wanted to hear.

They screamed when he attacked Hillary; unaware that he was committing treason as he colluded with Russia to win the election. He encouraged the chant of “lock her up,” knowing that he, himself, should be in prison. Of course the truth is that Hillary has never done anything which would make her guilty of a crime. While Trump was facing lawsuits for refusing to pay contractors, or grabbing a woman’s crotch, she was working for the American people.

We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.” Another ‘campaign promise.’ The estimate for building Trump’s wall ranges from 20 to 100 billion dollars, and the time frame is three and one-half years plus. He claims that the wall is necessary to prevent drug trafficking. The truth, (something which Trump hates), is that major drug traffickers will not be affected by a wall; they have many ways to move their illegal substances across our borders.

I will repeal and replace Obamacare on day one.” The Affordable Care Act required 15 months of planned, deliberation, and compromise. The result was a less effective law than originally proposed, but it was a beginning. An initial attempt to pass ‘Trumpcare’ in just three days failed so miserably, Paul Ryan refused to bring it to the floor of the House for a vote. He is now attempting another attempt to repeal and replace the ACA. Some are calling it “Zombie Trumpcare.” The first bill would have eliminated coverage for at least 24 million Americans; remove coverage for pre-existing conditions; and triple the cost for older Americans. Trump and Ryan have changed little, other than measures to appease the freedom caucus. 24 million Americans will lose their healthcare; coverage for pre-existing conditions will be a choice made by the states; and older Americans will be forced to pay five-times more than under Obamacare.

Trump promised to ban Muslims from entering the United States. He told his supporters that he would remove federal funding for “sanctuary cities.” He promised to halt all abortions for any reason. And he promised that they would ‘win so much, they’d get tired of winning.’

Trump has done nothing; and his meager attempts to accomplish anything have been struck down by his own party and the federal courts. Fail is the word.

Trump said that “only I can fix everything;” and you bought it. You were conned. Trump’s businesses succeed only when he can play the con-man and bully his opposition. Government cannot be learned by ‘on-the-job training.’ There is not time. In addition, it is apparent that Trump does not want to learn. He cannot learn how to be the president partying in Mar-a-Lago, playing golf, or watching cable television.

Finally, no democratic government is functional without bipartisan efforts; Trump has failed to engage Democrats. His style of governing is similar to that of Lenin, Hitler, and Putin.


By James Turnage


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