Was Michael Flynn Vetted for National Security Adviser?


Whenever a high-level government position is offered to an individual, he or she must go through a vetting process. Paperwork offering financial information, foreign contacts, as well as an application for a security clearance are mandatory. The House Oversight Committee is conducting an investigation into Flynn’s alleged criminal activities and demanded all paperwork related to Flynn be released to them. The White House responded with a short note telling the House that ‘they didn’t have any paperwork.’ Really?

How many steps to hide what actually happens in the White House will congress allow? This is the most secretive administration since the Nixon administration, and we know what happened there. What criminal activities, other than those I report, are taking place in the West Wing?

The Pentagon has now become involved in the investigation. Flynn is a former general, and is forbidden from taking money from foreign entities without approval from the Pentagon.

The only question is whether or not Flynn will see the inside of a federal prison.

Remember; Flynn was the Trump crony who began the chant “lock her up” at one of his deplorable rallies. All around America our nation’s people believe that Trump, Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Tom Price should be locked up.

Everyone around the world, with the exception of the mainstream television media, and Republicans in congress is fully aware of the facts; Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia to win the election. In 2013 Trump and Vladimir Putin began a close relationship. The “Golden Showers Dossier” has been confirmed. Trump’s lurid sexual practices are the least important part of this document. Trump’s meetings with Russian oligarchs, assisting them in laundering their fortunes in the United States, is a federal crime and can be labeled as treason. Sadly, I doubt that the Republican Party will allow the truth to be revealed to the American people.

America has a criminal defiling the White House. We may some day learn about the criminal actions of his entire circle of sinners. Billionaires seldom make their fortunes legitimately.

Please help me inform the American people; re-post. Thank you.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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