Donnie and Spawn Ivanka Profit from Slave Labor

Ivanka (2)

Trump lies whenever his mouth is open; that we all know. One of his biggest lies is ‘America first.’ He believes that this policy should apply to everyone else but himself or his spawn, Ivanka.

Trump manufactures items in 12 foreign nations. He has never invested in America; he uses slave labor to manufacture clothing, etc. around the world.

Ivanka’s clothing line is made in China. Workers, including children, work 60 hour weeks in less than adequate working conditions, making about $62 a week.

The U.N. International Labor Organization investigated Ivanka’s factory and found two dozen violations. Included in the complaints were excessive overtime. The international limit is 36 hours per month. Those employed by Ivanka recorded between 42 and 82 hours each month.

There has been no comment forthcoming from either Trump about their foreign interests, and the slave labor they employ. According to sources, Ivanka has temporarily stepped down from her management position while she is ‘hanging around’ the White House.

With every new day it becomes more apparent that Trump’s quest for the presidency is an effort to advance his business interests. Now he is proposing a tax cut which will generously affect Trump and other billionaires, while harming the majority of the American people.

Trump is a con-man and Ivanka is a phony. He has fooled millions of Americans who continue to believe his bulls**t. Ivanka presents an image which is nothing but a facade. She is her father’s daughter. She is greedy, and is interested only in herself. She does not care about women and children, unless they are manufacturing her clothing line. Without ever working for her family, or participating in the struggle for survival which faces millions of Americans each day, she is unable to relate to 320 million Americans. She lives in a different world. Now, by giving the impression that she is working in the White House, all taxpayers are paying for her travel and expenses. Trump admitted long ago that he ‘loves using other people’s money,’ and he taught Ivanka well.


by James Turnage


photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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