Trump Wants to Turn America into one of his Businesses



Donnie the destroyer is at it again; this time the victim will be national monuments.

Today I’m signing an executive order to end another egregious abuse of federal power and to give that power back to the states and to the people, where it belongs,” Trump said in a signing ceremony at the Department of Interior headquarters. Today, we are putting the states back in charge. It’s a big thing.”

What this “big thing” amounts to is permitting another ‘land grab’ by state governments. Trump seeks to destroy the protection given to Native Americans and others, and allow businesses to use this land to increase profits.

Trump knows nothing. He is either stupid or attempting to mislead the American people. The federal government owns much of the land in the western United States. In my state of Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management owns 84.9 percent of the entire state.

Five Native American tribes have joined together to fight for preservation of their lands.

It is extremely troubling that after years of effort to protect ancestral Native lands, President Trump and Secretary Zinke plan to give a cursory look at Bears Ears National Monument,” Carleton Bowekaty, a councilman in the Zuni Tribe and co-chairman of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, said in a statement.

This so-called ‘review’ creates a process to attack the designation of Bears Ears National Monument, and all public lands that are cherished by the American people.”

Donnie told his supporters that he could ‘fix everything.’ He hasn’t fixed anything, but he certainly knows how to destroy things. Another fail for Donnie and his circle of sinners.


By James Turnage


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