Enlarging the Swamp

Trump (3)

We now know that every campaign promise made by Trump was just that; promises to win an election without substance. One of his most frequently stated claims is that he would ‘clean up the swamp in Washington.’ I was never sure about what he meant, but I do know that he is creating the biggest cesspool in America’s history.

Trump appointed and nominated the dregs of American society who not only lacked any experience for their positions, but whose sole purpose is to advance their personal agendas. Those millionaires and billionaires who now lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, Health and Human Services, the Attorney General, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, and more, are the opposite of what Trump promised. He claimed that he would conduct ‘extreme vetting’ in selecting the best possible individuals for his advisers and his cabinet; so what happened? I have the answer.

Trump never met several of his nominees prior to his illegitimate election. However, his primary financial supporter during his campaign knew them well. Billionaire Robert Mercer was extremely influential in Trump’s choices. His goal is a white nationalist plutocracy.

At his rallies Trump criticized many of our nation’s ‘generals.’ However, when he began to make choices for his circle of sinners, he selected many military veterans. Of course the most infamous is Mike Flynn. His illegal actions continue to be the subject of an investigation today. Flynn may very well find his new residence in a federal prison.

Yesterday Trump selected another former military individual to join his circle of sinners. Randolph D. “Tex” Alles, a senior customs official and retired Marine Corps general, would take over the U.S. Secret Service. Washington insiders revealed that Alles was originally selected to be the number two for Scott Pruitt in the EPA, but Pruitt rejected Trump’s selection.

Militarily trained men and women are best left in the military. They are seldom effective in civilian life. They have no expertise in conducting non-military operations.

I do not have and answer to this question, and admit that this is unwise for any individual who claims to attempt a journalistic endeavor, but I truly want to know. Why was Alles rewarded with what seems to be any available position within Trump’s circle of sinners? Why the Secret Service where he has absolutely no experience, and an agency which has received enormous criticism in recent months for unforgivable failures? Wouldn’t it have been wiser to select an individual who understands the structure and operations of the secret service; someone with years of experience?

It is obvious that Trump rejects anyone with knowledge and experience. He has selected dozens of individuals who have increased the size of his ‘swamp.’

I remain so frightened that we have in Washington an administration which is playing games and not governing effectively that I could s**t my pants. We’ve all heard it, but this is the truth; the inmates are running the asylum.

Remove all power from Trump and vote Republicans out of office in November of 2018. This is our only hope for returning our nation to the American people.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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