An Old/New Era for White America


If there is a single issue which has kept America from becoming a great nation, it is racism. Although the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Lincoln in 1863, and the Civil Rights Act was signed by President Johnson in 1964, racism and bigotry remain serious issues. Judging by the increase in the number of hate crimes since Trump’s election, the evil of racism is on the rise.

Maybe I’m wrong; maybe it is just the result of America electing a white nationalist, and his followers are coming out of the shadows. One surprising situation has occurred, and I’m not certain what it means. Like many of Trump’s actions; actions taken by several white supremacist groups are a first in our nation’s history.

It has been said that organizing these white supremacist groups is like ‘attempting to herd a bunch of rattle snakes.’ However, the ‘Nationalist Front’ was organized in a KKK bar in Georgia, and is celebrating its first birthday. Six KKK groups across the nation joined together just last month.

The ‘Trump effect’ covers multiple sins. While these ignorant and anti-American groups are consolidating their power, African Americans, Hispanics, the LGBTQ Community, Muslims, Jews, and women are in fear for their safety.

Looking at pictures of Trump’s circle of sinners, these hate groups are encouraged by the images of all white faces. Trump has the least diverse White House staff in modern history.

With Trump as your illegitimate president, our nation is returning to the ‘bad old days.’ There can be no doubt that the slogan on Trump’s red hats had a subliminal meaning; “make America white again.”

There are only two differences from an attempt to combine hate groups from years past. Instead of calling themselves the ‘Aryan National Alliance,’ they are now the ‘Nationalist Front.’ The other change is removing swastikas from their uniforms in an effort to create a ‘broader appeal.’

Everything in America is new; a first. Sadly none of it is good for real Americans.


By James Turnage


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