Shared Discrimination Between African Americans and Women of all Colors


Let me begin by stating that I am in no way comparing the inhumanity of slavery with today’s injustice and prejudice towards African Americans and women in today’s America. However, the political environment in Washington is spreading across our country, and black Americans and women of all races are experiencing the effects of the most prejudiced and immoral presidency in our nation’s history.

White supremacy does not affect African Americans alone. It spreads to all minorities, those who practice any religion other than Christian, the LGBT community, and all women. Trump, Bannon, Sessions, Mercer, and others believe that they are superior to every one who is not a white male from western Europe.

Trump and his circle of sinners consider all African Americans, and all women second class citizens. When Trump shouted during one of his revolting rallies “where’s my African American,” he offered incontrovertible proof about his racist beliefs. When he told his ignorant supporters that Hillary ‘did not look presidential,’ he was actually stating that she did not have a penis. Don’t let the slogan on his silly red hats fool you; the true meaning is “make America white again.”

Trump’s proposed cuts to multiple programs will greatly affect blacks and women. They will reduce funding which is intended to aid minorities and hopefully assist them in rising from the poverty level. Removing funds from Planned Parenthood will remove healthcare from tens of thousands of low-income and impoverished women. There are many more egregious efforts to harm the majority of Americans.

Attorney General, and likely Grand Wizard of the KKK, Jeff Sessions, plans to force the courts to increase the severity of sentences for non-violent crime. This is a plan aimed directly at the African American community.

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s horrific choice for Secretary of Education has plans to destroy public education. She will cause additional harm to thousands of single mothers who depend on our public schools for their children’s education. Many women lack the ability to transport their children outside of their own neighborhood. Vouchers will positively affect those Americans living in the suburbs, and greatly harm those living in our inner cities.

Trump is proposing additional tax cuts for corporations. This will remove millions from the national treasury. This will force additional cuts to programs which positively affect the most needy in our nation; minorities and single mothers.

Republicans refuse to raise the federal minimum wage in support of their wealthy owners. Millions of minorities and women of all races are employed in jobs which pay minimum wage or slightly more. To support their families, they often work two or three jobs; restricting the amount of quality time they spend with their families.

Several red states continue their attempts to reduce the number of black voters who are able to participate in an election.

These same states are planning legislation which would prevent most women from seeking an abortion under any circumstance.

Make no mistake about it; this administration has declared a war on everyone who is not white and male.

Finally, the future belongs to millennials. Although they refuse to understand the importance of voting today, we have a responsibility to educate them. Millennials, African Americans, and most women support more progressive ideas. Millennials are America’s largest voting bloc, and women are the fastest growing bloc. If Millennials, women, and African Americans go to the polls in large numbers in November of 2018, we can take our country back from the immoral administration of “Donnie boy.” Overturning our government will require activism by every loyal American. Republicans are the enemy; they continue to support the most immoral man in the United States and a man who commits crimes against federal laws daily.

We have a single choice; Democrats and Independents must regain control of both houses of congress and take all power away from this illegitimate president.


by James Turnage

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