McConnell is Experiencing the Repercussions of Failed Leadership


There is little doubt that Mitch McConnell will be remembered as the most ineffective Senate Majority Leader in history. Early in 2009, he promised to do nothing. This may be the only promise kept by a Republican in over 20 years. During the 2016 campaign season, McConnell denounced Trump. When he was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College, in typical Republican fashion, he became a hypocrite and bowed to every Trump demand. He is responsible for denying the best candidate for the Supreme Court in many years, Merrick Garland, confirmation hearings.

McConnell is scared; and I hope he has reason to be. There is a movement across the nation to oust Republicans from office based on their support of an immoral man whose criminal activities should prevent him from living in the White House. The 2018 midterm election is 19 months away. Democrats and Independents historically fail to go to the polls in between presidential elections. 2018 may be very different, based on the actions of Donald Trump, and if his party continues to submit to his hateful policies.

What’s at stake? All 435 seats in the House are up for reelection. We could remove failed politicians such as Paul Ryan from office, and replace them with Democrats, returning control of the House to more centrist and less extreme Representatives. In the Senate, 34 senators will face reelection. Of those 34 seats, eight are Republicans. If hypocrite Ted Cruz and his un-American cronies can be removed, the Senate will revert back to Democrats, and McConnell will lose his position of power.

An article in ‘Politico’ revealed McConnell’s legitimate concerns.

Not every Republican is confident about the Senate, either. McConnell has privately expressed concern about Trump’s approval ratings and lack of legislative wins, according to two people familiar with this thinking. A student of political history, the Senate leader, has warned that the 2018 map shouldn’t give Republicans solace, reminding people that the party in power during a president’s first term often suffers electorally.”

McConnell has no interest in serving the American people; elections and his party are his only priority. Let’s make his fears come true. Then in 2020 we can ‘finish the job’ and oust McConnell and another group of these failures.

If you doubt that this dream for the American people is a possibility, look what happened in my own state of Nevada recently.

Dean Heller is a Republican, and the senior senator from Nevada. He finally held a town hall meeting, demanded by his constituents. He was booed frequently as he either lied or disagreed with the wishes of Northern Nevada voters.

Catherine Cortez Masto is a Democrat; elected last November. She held a town hall meeting, and received applause and a standing ovation. She supported the wishes of her constituents.

There is hope. With control of both houses of congress, Trump’s unconstitutional efforts will be defeated. We will have our country back.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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