A “Do Nothing” President is Unacceptable


No presidential candidate in modern history made as many promises as Donald Trump. However, if Trump is speaking, and you believe him, you have been conned. The ‘truth’ is not in your illegitimate president’s vocabulary. The only ‘accomplishments’ in his first 100 days are the result of planning which began during the Obama Administration. He has been a destructive and illegitimate president, but other than that fact, he has done absolutely nothing. Not a single campaign promise has come to fruition.

Trump made 35 pledges during his campaign; most of them he guaranteed “immediately.” No action has been taken on 18 of those promises. He has mentioned the other 17, but only one was related to his claims during the very long campaign season and was attempted; “repeal and replace Obamacare.” We know how well that worked.

Of his 28 executive orders, 13 were repeals of federal regulations instituted under the Obama Administration.

Trump has done nothing because he knows nothing. He has proven two things to the American people; he lacks the ability to govern, and he has no understanding about the workings of government.

The American people have also become aware of the fact that there are no Republican leaders capable of governing. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have proven themselves less intelligent than once believed. Although GOP politicians have control of all three branches of government, they are unable to agree on anything.

Long ago I claimed that the Republican Party had fractured into three distinct groups, and its purpose as a legislative alternative to Democrats had met its demise. An illegitimate Trump presidency has proven my assessment factual.

Our dysfunctional government is sliding farther down that slippery slope. The Republican Party has met with vocal discontent from voters, and is following the downward spiral of Trump’s historically low approval rating.

Doing nothing” is not acceptable. However, doing something in an irrational manner is even more unforgivable and extremely dangerous. Trump and his circle of sinners have no experience in international relations or national security. His ineffective missile attack on Syria was fool hardy. Trump could not resist using the biggest bomb in our nation’s arsenal, other than nuclear, and dropping it on ISIS targets in Afghanistan. Experts claim that smaller bombs would have been more effective, but ‘boys like to play with their $16 million toys.’

Bragging doesn’t make it a reality. Only hot air comes from Trump’s ‘pie hole’ when he speaks. If any American believed that he was qualified to lead our nation, I am sorry for their extreme ignorance.

The only thing Trump has accomplished in nearly 100 days is to prove that he is incompetent and the worst president in history.


By James Turnage


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