Thousands Marched Saturday in Support of Intelligence vs Ignorance


Yesterday was another day of protests across America. The March for Science focused attention on climate change and the environment. It could also have been labeled the ‘March for Intelligence vs Ignorance.’ Although Republicans offer “alternative facts” about the changes in weather around the world, and the reason for our rising seas, the truth cannot be denied.

Republican’s support of big business is the reason they do not support environmental issues as they continue to believe in profit before people.

Trump’s radical appointments for his circle of sinners is unforgivable. Not a single one of his choices is qualified for their position. Several of them are actually opposed to the agencies they now lead.

In an interview with the Guardian, Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” remarked about Trump’s mistakes.

“There is a technique of dismantling government from within, which is the thinking of Bannon,” Nye said. “They are hiring the least qualified people on the planet to run the agencies, such as Mr. Pruitt at the EPA and Ms. DeVos at the department of education.”

Trump will forever be known as the “anti-environmental president.” Scott Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma. He was well-known for his close relationship with the gas and oil industry. To protect their profits, he filed multiple lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency; the very agency he now leads. Pruitt allowed uncontrolled fracking. Prior to Pruitt’s support of the most dangerous drilling practice in history, Oklahoma seldom experienced seismic activity. Last year there were more than 5,000 earthquakes across the state.

DeVos is a billionaire donor to the Republican Party; that is her only qualification for the position of Secretary of Education. She never set foot inside of a public school until she received her appointment. DeVos attended private schools, as did her children. She has begun to implement her belief that public schools should be replaced with a voucher system, benefiting private schools. DeVos has been a major supporter of Christian schools, which have the largest number of private schools in most states.

Arizona adopted a voucher program, and continues to expand the program, although it has been criticized by state politicians and parents. Corruption in the state legislature has been witnessed by reporters and some in the state senate. Because private schools keep ten-percent of the voucher money for “overhead,” competition for increased school population is fierce. Some parents complain that acceptance at many of these private schools is based upon racial bias. Christian private schools have experienced the largest benefits from the program.

Saturday’s march was a rally for nothing more than common sense. Man’s excessive and unnecessary use of fossil fuels has been proven to be the primary reason for climate change. Manufacturing is the greatest polluter of our air, water, and soil. They dump their waste into freshwater streams and rivers, and pollute the air by burning fuel harmful to all living things.

Denying scientific fact will not make the truth disappear. We must fight Trump and his wealthy circle of sinners and save the planet for our grandchildren.


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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