Are Old, White Men Responsible for a History of Violence and Destruction?


When I was a much younger man, I failed to have an interest in the history of the world and even of my own nation. This is normal. Young men and women have a tendency to believe that today is all that is important, and that they will live forever. As I became a far more informed man, I realized that the world was far different than I imagined.

Looking back at my life, I believe that I was born a feminist. I have admired the patience and thoughtfulness of women I have known from all ‘walks of life.’ My career choices resulted in close relationships with many women of all ages. Unlike men, their priorities are family, friends, and true happiness; the kind of joy that comes from within.

Of course there are exceptions. Some men are more introspective, and some women are more concerned with material possessions than spirituality and contentment. However, if we consider inevitable change as a new generation rises to power, sexism will no longer exist. America will be less inclined to wage war. Values such as true spirituality, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness will replace today’s fear, anger, hatred, and a proclivity for violence.

A perfect example of why we must continue to have hope is the daughter of your illegitimate vice-president.

Audrey Pence is 21-years-old. Although her father is a religious extremist who signed laws preventing same-sex couples from exercising their Constitutional rights; is anti-abortion; and associates with white supremacists; the youngest member of the Pence family sees the world differently. Ms. Pence is symbolic of millennials; the largest voting bloc in America and the group who will be in control of our government in just 20 years.

Audrey Pence’ political views are on the Democratic side of politics, speaks Arabic and is studying journalism. She has lived in Turkey and Jordan, and is currently studying ‘international affairs’ at Northeastern University.

Surprisingly, Ms. Pence says that her father respects her independence and exploration of diverse ideas and philosophies.

The Pence family is a perfect example of America’s past and its future. The old, white men of our past have all too frequently chosen war instead of peace. Profit before people has been the focus of our federal government for far too long and the result has been income inequality, and an increase of families living in poverty.

After the election, a poll was taken of millennials. The results revealed that the great majority of younger Americans identify themselves with more progressive policies. They tend to be less religious, less racist, and more receptive to equality for all Americans. They don’t see ‘black and white,’ and are less concerned with seeking careers based upon monetary success; choosing instead to seek personal fulfillment.

Ms. Pence and her generation are why we must remain hopeful during these dark days when an immoral 70-year-old white man is attempting to alter the course of our nation.

Real change is coming. We must be grateful that no one lives forever.


By James Turnage


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