The Breitbart Connection: Mercer, Bannon, and Trump


Before Steve Bannon was included on Trump’s campaign staff, I am certain that few Americans had ever heard of ‘Bretibart.’ Today millions of Americans are aware of the publication’s anti-American beliefs. Before Bannon, few Americans knew that the ‘Alt-Right’ was a white nationalist group; more commonly known as ‘white supremacists.’

Breitbart claims to be an independent publication. This is far from the truth. A tech-industry billionaire, Robert Mercer, funds Breitbart and uses the extremist anti-American blog to express his personal views about what his America should become. Mercer, together with his daughter, Rebekah, support the beliefs of such individuals as conspiracy theorist and ultra-right wing whacko, Alex Jones, and radicals Frank Gaffney, and William Boykin, among others.

In 2015 Mercer brought his money into the camp of Ted Cruz. With him came Kellyanne Conway, and former Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon. When Cruz was forced to suspend his campaign after several crushing defeats during the primaries by Donald Trump, Mercer moved his money, Conway, and Bannon into the failing Trump campaign. Conway received the title of campaign chairman, and Bannon was labeled as the CEO. The truth soon became evident that Conway was actually Trump’s personal ‘spin doctor,’ with the sole purpose of supporting Trump’s outrageous falsehoods. Bannon became the campaign’s chief strategist.

After Trump was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College, Bannon was immediately selected to be Trump’s chief White House adviser. A non-existing position was given to Conway.

As other senior advisers and cabinet nominees were announced, it became evident that Mercer influenced many of the decisions. Other billionaire friends or acquaintances of Mercer and daughter Rebekah were nominated by Trump, although they lacked a single qualification for the positions they would hold in the Trump administration.

There are reports that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Bannon disagree about White House policy. Some publications suggest that Bannon is on his way out. Is that a possibility? I doubt it.

There is a connection between Mercer and Vladimir Putin as confirmed by observations of meetings with a Russian Oligarch. And although Trump lied and claimed that he did not know Bannon personally before he joined his campaign, the facts prove otherwise. Trump appeared twice on Breitbart’s radio broadcast, hosted by Bannon.

Is the White House an extension of Breitbart, and therefore under the control of Robert Mercer? Are Trump and his circle of sinners all members of ‘Alt-Right?’ Why are Jared and Ivanka included on the White House staff? Viewing the failed Trump administration, it appears that no one is setting policy, although someone must be in control; but who?

The White House exists as a ‘helter-skelter’ group of unqualified men and women who fail to have a clue about what they are doing. This is a case of the inmates running the asylum.

There are dozens of questions about Trump and his circle of sinners; will they ever be answered? The Trump administration exists in an environment of secrecy and deception; creating additional questions.

The American people have a right to know if their illegitimate president is a crook, and what is happening in our nation’s capital. Demand answers; this is your nation; not theirs.


By James Turnage


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