My Blogs Are a Personal Gift to the American People and the World


The people of the world are all too frequently mislead by the leaders of their governments. We can look back to Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Chairman Mao, Ho Chi Min, and others whose ambitions for power encouraged them to lie to their subjects and destroy the lives of not only their adversaries, but also those of their own people.

In 2008 I was relieved of my last ‘real job.’ Shortly after the end of my working days I existed in a world of confusion. In 2009, I accepted a job with the United States Census Bureau, which ended in the waning months of 2010.

There is a federal law forbidding prejudice towards Americans of a certain age, but I quickly learned that this law was pure bull***t.

I began writing early in 2011. I have been a voracious reader for much of my adult life, but I never believed that I could possibly write a novel without assistance from a mentor. In 2012 I competed my first novel; “A Little Murder in the Biggest Little City.” I now have five novels in the Library of Congress.

In 2013 I began working for a newspaper. I was given the freedom to write about any issue I chose.

Today I have two blogs: Ask Reverend Jim, and The Truth With No Restriction.

I continue working on my sixth novel.

The purpose for writing my blogs is to inform the American people and the citizens of the world about the truth of the American way of life.

I report the situation of our nation’s government under the rule of the most immoral and unqualified man ever to defile the White House. I discuss the hypocrisy of the extremists in the right wing party of our government. I champion women’s rights and expose the old, white men in congress who ignore them. My articles include defending the LGBTQ community whose only goal is to receive equal protection under the Constitution. My support for minorities began when I was in my teens, and I am saddened that I see little relief for oppressed African Americans and Hispanics today under the new administration in Washington.

I not only denounce but also experience a government which fails to represent the majority. Income inequality is the most dangerous reality for the future of the working class. One of our major parties ignores the fact that they are violating the first amendment by supporting the Christian religious right. The Constitution and our freedoms are under attack by wealthy Americans who seek domination over the people of the United States of America.

My sole purpose is to inform the American people of the truth. I will fight for my country until the day my fingers can no longer operate my word processor. Efforts by the present administration to influence the American people to accept “alternative facts” must be exposed, and if the media refuses to address their responsibility, I will do it for them.

America must endure; not only for our nation’s majority, but for the future of the world. 241 years ago we became the shining light for those oppressed around the world. We cannot allow the hope of millions to die as the result of a single election.

Stand with me and take your country back. Abraham Lincoln directed us to rebel when tyrannical forces in our own government endangered the future of the American dream.

This is why I spend many hours each day offering the truth; I care about America and the world. I will never deceive; the truth is my promise to America and the world. Please re-post.


By James Turnage

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