Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon, Bill O’Reilly and Their Belief in Sexism


Dirty old men must stick together, and our government in Washington is a perfect example of this fact. They have nothing to offer the world which would have positive results, and their objectification of women permeates their every day lives. Judging him from the articles he wrote, Steve Bannon is not only a white supremacist, he is a misogynist. By his own words we learned that Trump is not only a sexist, he is also a sexual predator whose objectification of women has been confirmed repeatedly. Paul Ryan is a hypocrite, and an apparent prevaricator. When the ‘sex’ tapes involving Trump were revealed to the world, Ryan vehemently denounced his party’s presidential candidate. But we have learned that this was nothing more than ‘lip service.’ Ryan is now Trump’s ‘whipping boy’ in the House.

Both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly left FOX Noise in disgrace. They proved themselves to be dirty old men and unworthy of the bloated salaries they received. Your illegitimate president not only defended the two sexual predators, he is friends with them. Men must be judged by the ‘company they keep.’ Why has Trump been allowed to remain in the White House?

If one thing is evident, it is the fact that old, white men must be removed from positions of power and influence. Their focus is not directed at the future of America, their personal and depraved ambitions are the priority.

In 2015 Bannon claims that he warned Roger Ailes about FOX personality Megyn Kelly. She’s the devil, and she will turn on you,” Bannon admits to telling Ailes. Although Ailes was gone just over a year later, actions by Kelly during the first faux-debate, moderated by FOX, would indicate that Bannon lied about his discussion with Ailes.

It was obvious from the first statement that Kelly and her cohorts had been ordered by Ailes and Reince Priebus to make an attempt to derail Trump’s campaign. This collusion failed miserably. At the time Bannon was the executive director of Breitbart. Breitbart was one of Trump’s staunchest supporters. White nationalist groups across the nation were eager to have one of their own defiling the White House.

Republicans support Trump without questioning a single motive behind his destructive policies. They have escalated their war on women during the first 93 days of Trump’s illegitimate presidency. When GOP politicians began their collusion with the Christian religious right they removed all doubt regarding their intentions to present men with the control over women and their reproductive systems. For Republicans, women are intended to be subordinate to men.

The outrage regarding Trump’s own admission that he lacks any sense of morality from members of his own party was nothing more than a facade.

For decades the Republican Party has been the party of racism, bigotry, and misogyny. Today they are in control of all three branches of government. The majority of the American people are in great danger from this administration and his hypocritical party.

If you love your country, you must become an activist. Not only is it paramount that you vote, you must encourage others to get off of their i-Phones and go to the polls in November of 2018. By forwarding articles such as this, you are informing the American people of facts ignored by the mainstream media. Thank you.


By James Turnage


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