Although He has Nothing to Be Proud of, Trump Will Celebrate his First 100 Days

Trump Rally (2)

We know that Trump and his circle of sinners will not be attending the Correspondents Dinner one week from tonight. He has no sense of humor, and his ego will not allow him to admit his many mistakes. They’ll have more fun without him and the jokes and laughter will primarily be at his expense.

Besides, Trump will be holding his on rally in Pennsylvania on the 29th, celebrating the most failed first 100 days of any president in history. Of course your illegitimate president and his ignorant supporters don’t see it that way, and most of what Trump will brag about is the result of efforts made during President Obama’s second term and happening today, years before Trump declared his candidacy.

Can you name one accomplishment other than things which are destructive? Don’t say Neil Gorsuch; Trump has failed to nominate hundreds of positions in government and has weakened it as an organization. Gorsuch was entirely politically motivated. The truth is that Trump has not kept a single campaign promise in nearly 100 days, even with the control of both houses of congress. Fail.

I’m certain that the Correspondents Dinner will be much more fun than being in a crowd of ignorant and racist Trump supporters next Saturday, The room will be filled with drink and laughter, while Trump’s little party will be filled with anger and hatred.

Which one would you prefer to attend?


By James Turnage


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