How the Patriot Act Created a Police State

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium

The government of George W. Bush panicked after the cowardly attacks of 9/11. Although Bush and Cheney had been warned of a possible attack, they went on a vacation. One of the choices made post 9/11 by our corrupt government was a violation of the fourth amendment. Bush and Cheney pushed through what they labeled as an ‘anti-terrorism’ bill called the ‘Patriot Act.’ This allows government agencies to spy and secure information about anyone they believe “might” be involved in the planning of an attack on America.

Let me take a moment to state that this article is not meant to be an attack on all law enforcement, although many have proven themselves incapable of performing their jobs with competency. This is an attack on a failed justice system.

That said, America has become a ‘police state’ in the nearly 16 years since the ‘Patriot Act’ was signed by Bush on October 26, 2001. No longer is your local policeman the ‘man in blue’ whose purpose is to ‘protect and serve’ everyday citizens. They wear and use military gear, and appear to be ready for a war against the people they are intended to serve. The many shootings of primarily black men and women are a response to the attitudes of many who have chosen law enforcement as a career. Fear, leading to anger, and an attitude of shoot first permeates many of our nation’s agencies. But the fault is not with the individual; it is with the system, and a failure to train police officers and sheriffs effectively in the 21st century.

The prime focus of law enforcement academies is the use of firearms, and self-protection. Although that’s very important, there is rarely psychiatric evaluation or training involving community relations. It is also evident that they have the same problem as most of our medical ‘professionals;’ they are unable to accurately diagnose the situations they encounter in a timely fashion.

America has become a nation controlled by fear, and that fact results in an increase in violence against certain groups of Americans. Hate crimes are increasing daily, and law enforcement is not prepared to defend the innocent.

The second situation created by the ‘Patriot Act’ are the new policies of ‘search and seizure’ by law enforcement across the nation. Example; if you are pulled over while driving, and the officer ‘suspects’ that you are in possession of drugs or other contraband, he or she is allowed to search your vehicle without a warrant. If anything is found which appears to be illegal, law enforcement can seize your vehicle and everything inside that vehicle, and you may never see them again. A direct violation of the fourth amendment.

Americans are losing their freedom. Politicians around the world are brainwashing their constituents with the use of fear tactics. While claiming that they are controlling terrorists, they are actually creating a greater level of fear for the sole purpose of winning elections.

The ‘Patriot Act’ must be repealed. All Americans must be aware that their illegitimate president has the first amendment in his sights. He seeks the removal of voting rights for minorities, and the elimination of the right of a free press to report the facts.

You can decide the type of America you and your family wish to experience. We can follow Donald Trump’s lead and believe in fear, anger, hatred, and violence, while beliefs of despair and hopelessness abound, or we can return to a nation whose people are compassionate, tolerant, and believe in hope for a better United States of America.

Ignorance is more dangerous than any weapon ever created by man. Our judicial system must be completely revised. If there is to be respect for law enforcement, it must be mutual. There can be no room for prejudices and racism.

Training our police officers is paramount, but the court system is even a larger problem. White, affluent Americans seldom receive justice, while poor black men and women often receive the maximum punishment available to the court. Justice must once again be blind. No longer can we allow overcrowding in our prison system with men and women who were unable to afford the best attorneys.

White men and women are viewed differently by the courts, and is the reason why our prison population is predominately black and Hispanic.

Change begins in law enforcement academies and in Congress where new laws are passed to ensure that every man or woman who faces action by the courts is treated equally.

A final note. Not a single baking executive has ever been on trial for their criminal actions which caused the great recession. Donald Trump is living in the White House instead of residing in a federal prison for bribing public officials, current ethics violations, and for his acts of sexual assault. Martha Stewart went to prison for ‘insider trading.’ Tom Price is Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services when he should be in federal prison for stock manipulation. As a member of the House he introduced legislation which would aid his personal investments in the healthcare industry six times.

Police action and the law must be applied equally to all Americans; but it is not today. That must change; and it must be soon.


By James Turnage

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