Can our Military Allow Trump to Continue his Rash and Cataclysmic Foreign Policy


The last to remove a failing despot is a military coupe. For any nation which loves its freedom, this is a frightening consideration. However, when not only the survival of a nation is in the balance of a despotic and irrational leader, but the survival of the world can be decided by an ignorant and mentally challenged individual, what is the alternative?

Trump is moving our nation towards a nuclear conflict with North Korea. Trump is an old, wealthy white man who has no fear that he or his family will be affected by a lethal contest between two immature and egotistical men. Because he has no knowledge of history, he can justifiably be labeled a fool who commands the most destructive army in the world.

It is not a secret that military leaders love war; this is their only purpose. However, is there not one man who leads our nation’s armies, air force, and navy who realizes that wars are unwinnable today?

People never support a war. They are aware that it is the common man, the working class who pay the price for military conflict. Trump’s fragile ego and weak temperament were discounted by his supporters, and may prove to be the end of the world as we know it.

Someone; someone with the power and ability to save our nation and the planet must save us all. But will they?

Trump is an autocrat; he trusts no one, and listens to no one.

In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis frightened every man, woman, and child in America; I am more frightened today. JFK was intelligent, experienced, and well qualified to lead our nation. And Donald Trump? We all know what he is not.


By James Turnage

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