We Know that When Donald Trump Brags, He’s Lying

Ignorance breed ignorance

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.” This was Trump’s comment about his failed presidency. The truth is that he has accomplished nothing positive. However, he has begun the destruction of many agencies sorely needed by low-income and impoverished American families. The one piece of actual legislation he supported, Trumpcare, never came to a vote in the House. It was a deplorable piece of legislation, and would have removed healthcare from more than 24 million Americans.

Great accomplishments by great presidents in their first 100 days began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. ‘Taking office in the Great Depression, Roosevelt quickly declared a banking holiday to quiet panic, called a special session of Congress and won passage of emergency legislation to stabilize the banking system. He came forward with a flurry of consequential legislation that set the pillars of the New Deal in place within his first 100 days, “the most concentrated period of U.S. reform in U.S. history,” say Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer in “The Reader’s Companion to the American Presidency.” No fewer than 14 historic laws were enacted in that time.’

This alone makes Trump’s claim a huge lie. Sorry, Donnie boy, you ain’t done nothin’ yet.

Let’s take a look at Trump’s predecessor, and another great president.

President Obama, like FDR, entered office at a time of great financial upheaval. A near depression in 2008, the result of eight years of a failed Republican administration, required immediate action to stabilize our nation’s economy. In his first days in office, President Obama signed a $787 billion stimulus package into law in his first month, while also achieving a law expanding health care for children and the Lilly Ledbetter bill on equal pay for women in that time.

Trump constantly brags, and therefore lies, about his accomplishments. He also falsely claims that many beneficial events were the result of his actions, when in reality they were in the planning stages years prior to his illegitimate presidency.

The truth is that Trump has accomplished the least of any president in modern history; unless you call 19 rounds of golf at taxpayer expense a success. He is a loser. He promised his supporters many things during the 15 months before his election; none have come to pass.

He once told his supporters that “you’ll be so tired of winning, you will say please, stop.” Now they are asking ‘when will we have our first win?’


by James Turnage


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