Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the “Plan”


Donald Trump supporters deny the ‘Russian connection’ between Trump and Vladimir Putin. Although the foreign press has confirmed the fact that Trump conspired with Putin to win the election, the American press and Republican politicians are dragging their feet, and therefore succeeding in influencing some Americans to have doubts about the facts.

You may ask why Putin would place such a high priority on the results of our November election. Some of you may believe it is related to Putin’s hatred for Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State in 2011, she denounced the extremely controversial results of Putin’s win in that year’s election. Although the results of the 2016 election, which gave Trump sufficient electoral votes to win and defeat Hillary, may have been satisfying for Putin, the actual reason is much more common; follow the money.

When oil was discovered in the Arctic Ocean, Putin partnered with then Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to develop what appeared to be the largest oil field exploration in the world. The initial value was estimated at $500 billion. Tillerson was awarded the highest honor a civilian, non-Russian, can receive.

However, drilling in the area was halted in 2014 when Putin began an attempt to annex the Ukraine into his plan to restore the former Soviet Union. President Obama placed sanctions on Russia, halting the ambitions of both Putin and Tillerson.

When Rex Tillerson was nominated as Secretary of State, 4th in line to succeed the president, the choice befuddled most politicos. Trump did not know Tillerson; they had never met face to face. Tillerson had no known qualifications to be our nation’s top diplomat.

With the revelation that Putin and Trump were complicit in their efforts to defeat Hillary Trump in 2016, the explanation of Trump’s decision was clear. A plan had been formed, and today it is becoming a reality.

Today the new CEO of Exxon has requested that certain sanctions be lifted by the Trump administration which would allow the continuation of drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Putin, Exxon, and Tillerson, who is heavily invested in Exxon, may soon accomplish the primary goal of securing the election for Trump. As Secretary of State, Tillerson has your illegitimate president’s ear; although he does not need it; the plan is complete.

Every member of Trump’s circle of sinners has a Russian connection, from billionaire Robert Mercer, to Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

How long will the mainstream media, primarily television “news,” allow Trump to misdirect the American people with “alternative facts?” Please pass this on to everyone you know; we, the people, have a right to know the truth about Washington politicians and what they plan for our future.

This is our nation; it does not belong to the government, or political parties. Vote for you and your family, not for hypocritical and ambitious politicians.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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