Could Some of my Biggest Dreams be Fulfilled by November of 2018?


If the names Bill O’Reilly, Jason Chaffetz, Ann Coulter, and Ted Cruz make you cringe, you’ll understand this rant. All four have been guilty of traitorous speech and have contributed to the division within our nation. In addition, all four helped pave the way for Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

For more than 20 years O’Reilly lied to his viewers and ultimately assisted in creating enmity between the two major parties. Today they no longer deliberate, or compromise. Ego and the search for power have replaced intellect and open discussion. O’Reilly’s propaganda supported the worst of America, and attacked the accomplishments for the majority by progressives. He is no more. Multiple charges of sexual harassment, of being a sexual predator, and racism have forced his firing by FOX Noise. One down; many more to go.

Jason Chaffetz is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. It was he that organized four time consuming and costly investigations into the tragedy at Benghazi, without a single result which would affect Hillary Clinton in a criminal or negative fashion. It is he who failed to investigate Trump for alleged ethics violations, including possible criminal and traitorous actions during his campaign. Chaffetz not only declared that he will not run for reelection in 2018, he may leave his position long before the midterm election. Two down.

Ann Coulter is nothing more than a female and thinner version of Rush Limbaugh. Her vile and fallacious attacks against multiple Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton ‘made my stomach crawl.’ He rhetoric incited fear, anger, and hatred long before Trump entered the political arena. She is the worst of our nation.

It appears that she is losing favor; especially with millennials. No one wants to hear her divisive speeches and outrageous lies any longer. Three down.

Polls in Texas are offering me hope that next to Mitch McConnell, the worst senator in American history, Ted Cruz, may possibly lose his seat in 2018. One as yet undeclared Democrat is leading Cruz 35 percent to 31 percent, and another is tied with ‘lyin’ Ted’ at 30 percent. Be still my heart.

Lindsey Graham once said that if ‘someone murdered Ted Cruz on the floor of the senate, no one would testify against that individual.’ He was the most hated man in Washington until Trump was gifted the election last November. Four down?

There are many more Republican failures and traitors to the American people I would love to see forced out of their lives of privilege and luxury, and with Trump in office, anything is possible. Mitch McConnell leads a group of old, racist, white men who should be retired. Along with them, the biggest hypocrite in the GOP, Paul Ryan, has proven himself untrustworthy and unable to govern.

I can only hope that real Americans will replace them all.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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