The Primary Difference Between President Barrack Obama and Donald Trump


Comparing Donald Trump and President Barrack Obama is like comparing Walter Cronkite and Alex Jones. One man was a great newsman who gave the American people the facts without bias, and the other lies without a conscience and everything he says is fake news intended to harm the real Americans on the left side of the aisle.

President Obama was one of our greatest presidents who was faced with the most daunting challenges ever encountered by an incoming president. He governed with grace and courage, while facing the most obstructionist party any America leader has ever experienced. President Obama also surrounded himself with experienced and qualified men and women who assisted him with his most difficult decisions. His administration was a perfect cross section of America in the 21st century. Mr. Obama’s inner circle was the most diverse in the history of the world.

Trump is the worst illegitimate president in history, and he is completing just three months today. We don’t know who is actually governing America, but whoever it is, is doing a horrible job. Trump is not a ‘working president,’ choosing to sit on a couch and watch cable television when he’s in the White House. He spends most of his time on a golf course and at his ‘millionaire’s only’ club, Mar-a-Lago; spending taxpayer dollars. His closest advisers have no experience and no qualifications for the jobs they have been given. In most cases their only function appears to be the destruction of the agencies they lead. His cabinet is composed of the least diverse group of old, white men in modern history.

The most obvious difference between the two men is their intelligence.

President Obama is an articulate and talented leader. He never made a careless decision in ten years. He placed our nation into recovery after a near depression. The laws he signed along with his executive orders were all intended to aid all Americans. His efforts to provide healthcare for all Americans, especially those who could least afford it will be his legacy. We were far better off after eight years of his leadership than we were under eight years of the Bush era.

Every decision, every executive order by Trump, has been without careful consideration. His rash actions pose a danger to our nation and to the world. He lacks all knowledge of how to govern, and fails to have a single qualified adviser. When Trump speaks, he proves that he would likely fail a 3rd grade English quiz. He is lazy; refusing to perform the job for which he was elected. He has given control of the daily operation of the White House to even more unqualified individuals; Steve Bannon, daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump attempted to destroy healthcare for more than 24 million Americans by hastily passing ‘Trumpcare,’ and repealing Obamacare. Although he has not accomplished a single positive achievement in three months, he has attempted to destroy democracy and repeal sections of the Bill of Rights.

A real president must have exceptional intelligence. We witnessed what happened while George W. Bush was living in the White House, and Trump’s intellect fails to reach the level of our 43rd president.

Trump’s idea of governing is an attempt to bully congress and the American people into accepting his destructive and vile proposals. Trump expects everyone to believe his ‘alternative facts;’ he fails to accept the truth about his failures.

Trump’s approval rating has averaged 36 percent, while former President Obama’s is at 59 percent.

That says it all.


By James Turnage

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