The Cartoonish Presidency of Donnie Drumpf

Trump (4)

Our nation is unique in the world; we do not have individuals who can trace their roots back hundreds if not thousands of years to ancestors who were born on American soil. We are a nation of immigrants. Your illegitimate president’s family name is ‘Drumpf,’ and originates from Germany. This is perfectly acceptable to Trump; this is consistent with his belief in white supremacy.

Trump did not build his wealth; he inherited it. He is one of the privileged few who enjoy all of our nation’s freedoms. As your illegitimate president, he is taking advantage of his position to both advance his foreign business interests, and continue his lavish lifestyle at taxpayer’s expense.

If Trump’s story was told in a ‘Marvel’ comic book, he would be the villain. Trump’s actions are cartoonish and the anger directed at his horrific presidency is turning into laughter at the ‘orange man’s’ expense.

Trump is not embarrassed by his constant need to have his ego soothed. His braggadocio and weak temperament which often result in rage define ‘Donnie Drumpf.’ Because Trump lacks any sense of humor, we must laugh for him and at him.

As Trump attempts to run our nation like he runs his failed businesses, his administration is milling around in the White House without effective leadership. There is little communication thanks to a complete void of experience and qualifications.

The few hours a week when Trump is in the White House, we know that he exerts little effort to act presidential. The cartoon of Trump sitting on a couch outside of the Oval Office; watching cable television; eating Kentucky Fried Chicken; while wearing a robe which is partially open; is hilarious but also factual.

Trump refuses to read the Presidents Daily Briefing, or to meet frequently with military leaders and national security advisers. Trump admits that he receives all of his information from FOX Noise, Bretibart, and Alex Jones.

My personal experience began with Dwight D. Eisenhower. “Ike” was a very good Republican President. He made mistakes, but only because he always tried to do what he believed to be the ‘right thing,’ and was focused on the American people. I had just entered high school when John F. Kennedy became our nation’s 35th President. His intellect and cautious but strong efforts remain legendary. My point is that I have watched presidents come and go for a very long time. Some deserved my complete loyalty and respect, while others were justly criticized for their misguided ideals. Even Richard Nixon deserves praise for the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and his ability to conduct foreign relations. Our relationship with China today is the result of Nixon’s diplomatic efforts.

However, I can find nothing good to say about Donald Trump; as a man or as your illegitimate president. He is not a working president, and that may be the best thing to happen to our nation. He is an immoral man who supports white nationalism, bigotry, and sexism. He ran his business empire by bullying his adversaries, and uses this same tactic in “negotiating” with other nations. He lacks the intellect to govern effectively. He will never be my president; I have no respect for the man who is defiling the White House.

My attitude towards Trump is slowly changing. I am moving from inner rage to a realization that he will never serve a full term, and therefore is becoming America’s most laughable buffoon.

Trump will not be missed; with the exception of by the late night talk show hosts who have never received such a gift previously. Trump’s inability to use the English language and his constant use of lies to misinform the American people offer comedy writers more material than they can use.

The biggest loser when Trump is only a very bad memory will be Saturday Night Live. Not only Trump, but many in his circle of sinners have given their 42 year old television show’s audience much needed laughter since 2015. From spin-doctor Kellyanne Conway, to professional liar, Sean Spicer; or ‘Spicey;’ Trump’s totally unfit administration is nothing more than a situation comedy. Look forward to Ivanka and Jared becoming permanent objects of ridicule in future broadcasts as the moronic daughter and son-in-law of the illiterate and brain-dead family patriarch.

There is only one reason why we must take Trump’s illegitimate presidency seriously; he controls the military, and is in possession of the ‘nuclear football.’ Trump’s lack of mental stability makes him a danger to the future of the entire world.

Let’s all join together and refuse to act like Trump’s supporters. Let’s replace our fear and anger with laughter and sarcasm. Donnie Drumpf is not worthy of disrupting your life or altering your personality.

However, we must continue to support the resistance. We must do whatever we can to remove the Republican Party’s fuhrer from office. Most importantly, we must encourage everyone to vote in November of 2018 and remove Republicans from their hypocritical rule.


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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